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Present Your Research

Presenting about your research findings and experiences is an essential part of the research process, allowing you to share your work with the academic community, receive valuable feedback and reflect on your research.

Why should I present my research?

Here are four reasons to present your research.

Meet other scholars and researchers!

Conferences are a great opportunity to connect with other student researchers and with scholars in your field. These connections can lead to collaborations, as well as networking and mentorship opportunities.

Gain experience and build your resume!

Presentation skills are highly valued by employers, and the ability to present to a diverse audience can give you an edge over other candidates as you apply for jobs.

Hone your analytical and communication skills!

The process of preparing to share your research with others requires you to carefully determine which of  the components of your research is most impactful and critical. This is an important first to demonstrate expertise and practice public speaking.

Get feedback on your research!

Feedback is an integral part of scholarly work. As you prepare to present your research, you should be seeking feedback from others familiar with your work. Additionally, when you present your research, you might receive feedback from scholars in other disciplines who may shed new light on your work.

Resource Links

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