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User Experience Research

The User Experience Research program is a fully online certificate and a minor open to all majors.

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User experience researchers (UXR) help designers understand the needs of existing and potential users of their products. The UXR program at Boise State is grounded in anthropological methods developed to understand the unfamiliar human beliefs and behaviors and convey those understandings to outsiders. It centers on a toolkit of techniques known as ethnography, including field visits, contextual interviews, and direct observations.

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Program Offerings

The User Experience Research program offers fully-online courses and certificates for three distinct student groups: 1) Undergraduate students currently seeking a traditional bachelor’s degree, 2) Working professionals seeking to expand their professional toolkit. 3) Graduate students looking for advanced training in User Research. Select the program offering that is best for you.

UXR/UXR-Pro User Experience Research Certificate

For undergraduates and working professionals

Graduate Certificate in User Research

Online graduate certificate program

The User Experience Research program is a project based in the College of Innovation and Design (CID). Learn more about CID at our home page.

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