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Graduate Certificate in User Research

The Graduate Certificate in User Research provides students with in-depth knowledge and practical mastery of qualitative research methods rooted in ethnography, with an emphasis on how user research informs design thinking.

Degree Requirements

Course Number and TitleCredits
Core Sequence9 credits
ANTH 540 Fundamentals of Design Anthropology3
ANTH 541 Ethnography for User Experience Research3
ANTH 542 Emerging Digital Cultures3

Course Descriptions

ANTH 540 FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGN ANTHROPOLOGY (3-0-3) (F). Advanced introduction to anthropological contributions to design thinking, and the reciprocal impact of design thinking on the practice of anthropology. Exploration of the principles and practices of participatory design, interaction design, user-centered design, and behavior-centered design.

ANTH 541 ETHNOGRAPHY FOR USER EXPERIENCE RESEARCH (3-0-3) (F/S/SU). Advanced introduction to the ethnographic tradition in anthropology, and its adaptation for applications outside academia. Emphasis on ethnography in user experience research, and the place of user experience in design thinking. Includes practical exercises and ethical practices.

ANTH 542 EMERGING DIGITAL CULTURES (3-0-3) (F/S/SU). Explores contemporary ethnographic studies of the cultural impact of emerging digital technologies on multiple dimensions of social life, from the future of work to shopping and leisure, from political life to private experience. Considers influences on design decisions, and how those decisions impact the human condition.


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