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Value-Based Healthcare

Industry partnerships & expert-led instruction for relevant, practical learning to transform healthcare.

Two-programs designed to create the standards and best-practices for Population Health Management based on the principles of Value-Based Design.

We have today’s healthcare leaders preparing and training the future healthcare transformationalists! Innovation is showcased through the uniqueness of design in the MPHSM degree which does not fall into a typical curriculum model due to its healthcare transformation & industry led focus. It is the one-of-a-kind partnership with HFMA that creates a valuable & forward thinking learning opportunity to provide future healthcare leaders with the knowledge needed to lead in the current tumultuous landscape of healthcare.

Master in Population & Health Systems Management

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Continuing Education and Certification Program designed to create common language and understanding among the workforce and healthcare fields. Industry expert led modules to teach organizations on how to best succeed in their navigation to patient-centered risk-based care models.

Population Health Management Through Value-Based Principles

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