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Value-Based Healthcare Certificate

Our students move beyond theoretical discussions to build the skills necessary to create adaptable learning organizations and become industry leaders by promoting the understanding of patient-centered, Value-Based Healthcare modernization through History, Innovation, and Increased Access.

Volume to Value Based Care via Healthcare Delivery Science

Boise State University has developed a 17-week online plus one day in-person (due to COVID-19 this will be done in three two hour Zoom sessions) certificate program for those in healthcare who are interested in making the transition from volume to value-based payment arrangements. While a few pioneering health systems are well into the transition, most organizations are not and remain eager to learn and further the progression into patient-centered care.

Students in Boise State University’s certificate program will gain the knowledge and learn the skills needed to understand their system’s current performance and to strategically create systems and processes that propel an organization’s successful transition to value-based care models.

The program is structured to provide an integrated view of multiple topics, including:

  •  The development of the US healthcare system, current value-based payment models,
    and future trends
  •  Integrating medical care with public health and population health
  •  Identifying the care processes and patients with the most significant ability to improve
    Workflow and process mapping
  • Improving the patient’s care experience through telehealth and other communication
  • Using patient-reported measures to capture data that matter to patients
  • Fast and frugal cost-allocation techniques
  • Integrating behavioral health care
  • Implementing shared decision making
  • Improving care coordination
  • Evaluating the effectiveness of transformation efforts in the real world
  • Communicating transformation plans and milestones
  • Creating a governance and oversight structure to promote rapid organizational learning

17-Week Online Program

With a One-Day, Face-to-Face Orientation Workshop (Due to COVID-19 this will be covered in three two hour Zoom sessions)

You Will Learn Healthcare Delivery and Payment Models: The history and modern implications

Healthcare Delivery Innovation: The knowledge and skills you need to know to adapt and thrive

Assessing Quality, Outcomes, and Cost of Innovative Patient-Centered Care

The application of Value-Based Principles

Course Information

Boise State University is passionately committed to high-quality, affordable healthcare. We believe that value-based payments to healthcare providers are the key to making healthcare better and more affordable.  

One of our challenges in implementing value-based payment programs is finding experienced, knowledgeable and educated professionals. Businesses often have to direct recruiting efforts outside of their specific location to find qualified candidates. Boise State’s new program will help increase the amount of hidden talent in your area, as well as offering additional education to some of our existing of Idaho employees. Total cost of program including all materials $6,700.00. Corporate discounts available.