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About Us

Boise State Varsity B

Always a Bronco

Though we may not wear the uniforms anymore, we still wear the colors. Membership not only supports athletics at Boise State but coordinates events like tailgates and reunions like the Spring Game weekend where VARSITY B supported five separate sports reunions and welcomed over 300 former student-athletes to campus. Let us know how we can help create another great gathering of former teammates.

Learn about special invitations to events like our “Mentoring Mixer,” bringing together over 100 (60 current and 40 former student-athletes) to talk about careers paths after collegiate athletics. Also receive updates about gatherings like tailgates, fundraising and community events and upcoming Boise State athletic events to visit with other VARSITY B members.

Mission Statement

“To encourage and promote the heritage, traditions, and success of Boise State students and Boise State Athletics for all former Broncos; to honor the legacy, and preserve the qualities that represent being a Boise State Bronco.”

Three Core Goals

1. Be an ambassador for Boise State Athletics in the community.

We no longer wear the uniforms but we still wear the colors. We understand the passion for Boise State, will represent the university to help ensure the success and enrich the experiences for all Broncos.

2. Help current students get a fast start to life after athletics.

We support scholarships and offer a network of mentors for our graduating student-athletes. Working with the BroncoLife program and establishing a better understanding of the next chapter in life after collegiate athletics, we work to create a better network of those who competed for Boise State, sharing a common bond of Boise State athletics.

3. Provide social and professional interactions for VARSITY B members.

Reunions, tailgates, special athletic events, look for the VARSITY B to be your hub for connecting with your former teammates, classmates, and friends.
Join Varsity B

For questions and more information, email or call 208-426-5440.