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VCAST Partners

Map of VCAST Partner Instructors and National Advisory Board Members

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List of Partner Instructors and NAB Members

Partner Instructors

Laurie Cavey

  • Boise State University

Tatia Totorica

  • Boise State University

Kanita DuCloux

  • Western Kentucky University

Lee Roberson

  • University of Colorado Boulder

Chares Patterson

  • Lousiana Tech University

Pamela Elias

  • University of Texas at Austin

Nirmala Naresh

  • University of North Texas

Matthew Richard

  • University of Kansas

Gustavo Valencia

  • University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

Marta Magiera

  • Marquette University

Mike Dobranski

  • Morehead State University

Roser Gine

  • University of Massachusetts Lowell

Theresa Hopkins

  • University of Tennessee

Kenneth Jones

  • Columbus State University

Rebecca Nguyen

  • Lousiana State University

Natasha Gerstenschlager

  • Western Kentucky University

Stephanie Casey

  • Eastern Michigan University

Terrie Galanti

  • University of North Florida

Kathryn Lewis

  • Morehead State University

Christine Andrews-Larson

  • Florida State University

Minah Kim

  • Florida State University

National Advisory Board Members

Jered Borup

  • George Mason University

Joanne Lobato

  • San Diego State University

Allison McCulloch

  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte

Chandra Orrill

  • University of Massachusetts Dartmouth

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