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Venture College

As part of the College of Innovation & Design, Venture College is available to students and Boise State community members ready to launch their ventures beyond the classroom. If you have an idea for a business, venture, or non-profit, or are hoping to apply your knowledge and expand your skill set, Venture College can help through workshops, competitions, and collaborative projects.

Venture College Office Hours

Venture College will be open by appointment only. Follow the link below to sign-up for in-person or Zoom meetings with any of our staff or schedule time to work in our space.

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Upcoming Events

Venture College is the go-to place for interesting, inspiring, and educational competitions. In addition, we offer hands-on professional workshops, ideation sessions, and pitch practice to build your professional skills and knowledge. Subscribe to get updates on upcoming and new events.

10-Week Startup Course

Venture College Incubator

Do you have a business, non-profit, or venture idea but you’re not sure on next steps? Maybe you have a side hustle that you’d like to grow into a full-time job. If this sounds like you, be sure to check out the Venture College Incubator. All students, from any academic background, are encouraged to apply.

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Win Money & Services to Advance Your Startup

The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge

The Idaho Entrepreneur Challenge is a statewide university competition to develop and reward student entrepreneurs with promising ventures and small businesses. This year’s competition took place remotely on April 2, 2020. 23 student teams from across Idaho competed to win money and services to advance their startups.

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Hands-On Learning Experience

Professional Projects

The Venture College pairs students with startups and small businesses throughout the Treasure Valley to work on short term (2-4 weeks) projects. Students gain relevant hands-on experience that they can add to their resume or LinkedIn profiles. Learn more about professional projects.

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Online Resources

Venture College also offer videos, interviews, and online discussions available to all Boise State students and community members. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to access these resources.

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The Venture College is a program in the College of Innovation and Design (CID). You can view all of the CID initiatives on their home page.