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Venture College Incubator

September 22 - November 10, 2022

Launch Your Venture Beyond the Classroom

An 8-week not-for-credit program in which students discuss their business ideas and progress, learn new start-up concepts to build traction, and set weekly goals.

The Fall 2022 Incubator will take place on Thursdays at 4 pm MT between September 22 – November 10, 2022.

Zoom option available based on need.

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We Help With Any Stage

Whether you already have an idea or are still searching, Venture College can help.

Need help generating an idea? We help students through ideation sessions to help analyze ideas and formulate initial plans.

Need help launching your idea? We help with prototyping, launch strategies, and getting your idea in front of customers.

Need help accelerating your idea? We can connect you with mentors and industry experts, office space, and seed funding.

Entrepreneurial Community

Mentor Network

In addition to meeting with Venture College staff, students connect with professionals in our business network. Program participants gain access to CEOs, marketing professionals, lawyers, non-profit specialists, and much more.

Access to Office Space

Incubate Downtown

The Venture College Incubator is the only full-time residential lab for Boise State student entrepreneurs. We provide both open co-working space and dedicated team areas to help teams accelerate.

Receive Up to $3,000

Seed Funding

Venture College students who are actively accelerating their ideas may be eligible for seed funding. These students pitch their ideas and progress to Venture College staff and community members for consideration.

If awarded, the seed funding is considered a grant and does not impact company equity.

Additional Resources

Access To Student Interns

Venture College works with cross-disciplinary students who are eager to help you launch and grow your idea. Interns can help you with logo creation, marketing materials, competitor research, websites, and much more.

If approved, student teams receiving intern help will not be required to pay for services received.