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Including CWI students in VIPs

Faculty have the opportunity to include students from our local community college, the College of Western Idaho (CWI), in their VIP courses. This provides access to authentic research for more students, and to people who often come from non-traditional backgrounds or paths. On this page you will find some information about how it works, and things to consider when deciding if you want to pursue this opportunity.

At the moment, this opportunity is available in a structured way only to the following students:

  • CWI students in the Biology AS degree program
  • CWI students in the Social Science department

If you are interested in working with students from other degree plans or majors, please reach out to to discuss other mechanisms to get those students enrolled in your VIP team. Note that we can also talk about the process for high school students to enroll in your VIP.

How do these structured mechanisms work?

For CWI Students in the Biology AS degree program

CWI Biology students are eligible to enroll in any VIP by signing up for a 1-unit course at CWI (called SCIE-200 001W for Spring 2024). When they do this, since they are earning credit from their home institution, they will also have it covered by their financial aid package. Instruction will be through a shared CWI Blackboard site managed by a BSU graduate student who is hired and listed as the official instructor through CWI. Each VIP has its own syllabus and some customization. CWI students will need a permission number from a CWI instructor to sign up and then they can join your VIP and participate just like BSU students do.

Things to consider:

  • Because BSU and CWI are separate institutions, you cannot use a Canvas site for communicating with all your VIP students. We recommend using a shared Google drive instead, where all the relevant information can be stored and shared and students can submit any assignments to the relevant folder(s) you designate. Reach out to for tips on how to do this.
  • CWI students will be able to view the BSU VIP website, and will have information about which VIPs are available to them. They will contact you either through the general VIP interest form or by email to show their interest. You will need to connect with the students and make sure that they are available during the times your VIP is happening. It is a good idea to create a google survey for all new students before they start, checking that they will be able to come to campus (if required) and that they have the necessary resources (e.g. a laptop). You may need to help them get access to BSU wireless.

For more information please contact us at

For CWI Students in the Social Science department

The Housing Opportunities for All VIP is currently the only team automatically available for these students that will grant credit at CWI and be covered by the student’s financial aid package. Enrollment in other VIP teams is subject to written approval of both the VIP lead instructor and the CWI liaison.

For more information, or if you are interested in making your VIP available to CWI Social Science students, email:

And as a reminder, if you want to reach other students at CWI, reach out to and we can work with you to find the right process to follow.