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How to ask faculty about joining a VIP

Use the following tips for contacting and asking faculty to join their VIP team…

Remember: They are eager to talk with you!

It can happen that a project is full or not able to take a new team member, but most of the time faculty are actively looking for students to join their team.

The most important thing is to be courteous and curious

But here some specific things to consider:

  1. Call or email to let them know you are interested in their VIP project and would like to learn more. They might ask you to schedule a phone call or in-person meeting. This is not an “interview” but a time to make sure the project will be a fit for you.
  2. You will want to share what about the project interests you,  your major, academic level, any skills you have and/or are hoping to develop, and any other relevant information about you.

Questions to consider asking them

  • the status of their project (website information is an overview, ask them what is currently happening or to provide more details)
  •  what type of work they could see you doing,
  • if they have set team meeting times or wait to set them until all students are enrolled
  • What would it look like to take 1 credit vs 2 credits in one semester
  • How do a student’s responsibilities change if they stay with the project for more than one semester?

We are here to help!

Contact f you need any assistance or have questions.