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Video Transcript – Jeremy Ford

Dr. Jeremy Ford talks about the ASSIST Lab


Dr. Jeremy Ford: So every semester, we are involved in supporting students in the PEERS program, and, for students who are participating in ASSIST Lab for the first time, research involving inclusive postsecondary education, PEER support, those are great places to start. We always have that stuff going on. But students, as they participate in additional semesters in the program, come up with different ideas. So we have students exploring teaching healthy relationships with students in the PEERS program. We have students exploring job coaching, we have students exploring a wide variety of topics that are interest…that they are interested in exploring.

[in reply to ‘What excites me about this VIP’]: It’s really been a cool experience for me to work with students who are outside of education, and, including students who are interested in things like medical school, and, writing letters of recommendation for students to go to med school was not something that I ever thought I was going to do. Whatever you are interested in learning more about here at Boise State there is a way that the ASSIST Lab participating with us can benefit your education and help you reach your goals.