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Video Transcript – Keoni Hayward

Keoni Hayward answers the question, 'What made you curious today?'

Video Transcript


Keoni Hayward: The question of what influences an author. For Herman Melville, what influences on that day happened for him to pen a specific chapter or paragraph. Maybe he read a sonnet and was so moved that in a specific chapter he wrote something very heavy, so that we can see it in Moby Dick and Shakespeare parts of it.

So, knowing that fascination can apply to modern authors. Let’s say I am reading a specific book, maybe Game of Thrones or something like that and I go, he was influenced by this x, y and z. It’s fascinating to learn because it really opens your eyes up to the complexities of penmanship and the beauty of penmanship in my eyes. So, it’s……it’s definitely something to be very curious about.