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Jo Ellen DiNucci

Jo Ellen Dinucci

Jo Ellen DiNucci (CPA) is Boise State University’s Associate Vice President for Finance and Administration.

As the Associate Vice President, Ms. DiNucci is responsible for University Financial Services, consisting of the Controller function, Treasury, Procurement, Tax Accounting, Student Financials, and Office of Continuous Improvement. She is dedicated to a culture of collaboration between the role of finance and all other University operations.

More often than not, Ms. DiNucci is focused on special projects spanning a wide variety of topics. These may be strategic, such as advocating Boise State University’s position by presenting to the Idaho legislative subcommittee analyzing purchasing reform, or tactical, such as designing and implementing full-accrual quarterly reporting, including presenting to the Board of Education. Her projects are always unique, crossing into many subject areas. She has also led 16 bond issuances since 2000, totaling nearly $500 million and generating more than $25 million in cash flow savings for the University. These bonds funded ten major facilities and other capital projects on Boise State’s campus.

Ms. DiNucci played a vital role in the implementation of Oracle’s ERP Cloud, which went live on July 1, 2016 after a 14-month effort. This project included a chart of accounts revision and implementation of a new grants product suite along with all financial and procurement modules. This was the first implementation of the Oracle ERP Cloud in Higher Education.

Ms. DiNucci is an executive board member of the Higher Education User Group (HEUG) representing cloud applications. The HEUG is a Non-Profit, international organization enabling the sharing of knowledge and practices to maximize institution investment in Higher Education Information Systems.

DiNucci received her bachelor’s degree in Accounting from Michigan State University and was certified in Best Value Procurement. She is a licensed certified public accountant in the state of Idaho.