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How does the Treasury Department support Campus?


  • Conduct group and individual training.
  • Advise on best practices for cash handling and transaction processing.
  • Establish best practices and coordinate credit card processing.


  • Cash transactions: including deposits, electronic payments and advances.
  • Debt issuance and University investments.
  • Lease accounting.
  • Set up and maintenance of internal loans.
  • Allocation of student fees.
  • Credit card transaction processing and support.


Deposit Supply Order Form

Unidentified Payments

Cash Handling Procedure Guide
A companion guide to University policy 6010, Cash Handling

What’s New

Campus Office Status

The Controller’s Office, Treasury staff is currently working remotely.
Please contact the individual you would like to meet with to make arrangements.

Wells Fargo Bank Account has Closed

The Wells Fargo bank account closed on April 30, 2021. Please contact the Treasury Department for more details or current bank account information.

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