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Supporting the university’s academic mission by
• Ensuring the integrity of the university’s financial accounting and reporting systems

• Safeguarding university assets

• Preparing complete, unbiased and timely disclosures and financial reports

• Providing effective and efficient accounting and operational support while complying with university, federal, state and regulatory financial guidelines

What’s New

Best Practices for Submitting Payroll Corrections

Resources include:

Unrelated Business Income Tax (UBIT)

The purpose of the UBIT questionnaire is to assist in fulfilling the university’s tax reporting requirements for the annual 990-T income tax return. Your assistance is vital to ensuring Boise State complies with IRS requirements for reporting unrelated business income. If you have further questions regarding UBIT related activities, please contact

Additional information about UBIT may be found on the Tax Reporting UBIT web page.

What do I need to know about Clearing Local Cost Center Deficits?

What are the key things to know?

  • Internal controls require Local cost center balances must be cleared by the end of the fiscal year
  • Notices of deficits will be sent to departments monthly beginning in April and continue through the rest of the fiscal year
  • To clear a deficit, submit a surplus transfer journal entry, correcting entry or Foundation reimbursement requests
  • Deficits that won’t be cleared require an explanation and plan to clear, these explanations will be added to the google sheet link you are provided when initial notices were sent out.

If you have further questions with regards to Clearing Local Deficit Balances, please contact

Salvage Form is Now Online

Fixed Assets and Inventory Control has moved the Salvage Form online. For disposal, trade-in, sale, or donation of equipment, visit our Forms page and click on “Request for Disposal of Excess Inventory Items” to get the process started.


Fiscal Due Dates

Training Resources for Bronco Hub

How does the Controller’s Office support Campus?


  • Collaborate with campus community to reduce tax burden and maintain compliance.
  • Provide training, assistance and guidance to help campus manage fiscal responsibilities for their units.
  • Advise how to leverage Bronco Hub segment strings to streamline reporting.
  • Provide guidance on proper classification of University assets.
  • Assist in establishing best practice procedures related to cash management and transaction processing.
  • Offer direction with understanding revenue recognition and Bronco Hub Accounts Receivable reporting.


  • Track fixed assets – Review and process journal entries – Process and maintain non-student accounts receivable
  • Maintain Bronco Hub segments and reporting hierarchies
  • Manage debt and investment portfolios
  • Provide daily cash and banking services – Prepare tax filings
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