Supporting the University’s Academic Mission by
• Ensuring the integrity of the University’s financial accounting and reporting systems
• Safeguarding University assets

• Preparing complete, unbiased and timely disclosures and financial reports

• Providing effective and efficient accounting and operational support while complying with University, federal, state and regulatory financial guidelines

How does the Controller’s Office support Campus?


  • Collaborate with campus community to reduce tax burden and maintain compliance.
  • Provide training, assistance and guidance to help campus manage fiscal responsibilities for their units.
  • Advise how to leverage OFC segment strings to streamline reporting.
  • Provide guidance on proper classification of University assets.
  • Assist in establishing best practice procedures related to cash management and transaction processing.
  • Offer direction with understanding revenue recognition and OFC Accounts Receivable reporting.


  • Track fixed assets – Review and process journal entries – Process and maintain non-student accounts receivable
  • Maintain OFC segments and reporting hierarchies
  • Manage debt and investment portfolios
  • Provide daily cash and banking services – Prepare tax filings

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