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Request for Approval of Visitor and Affiliate Status and Services

Status and Services for Visitors and Affiliates

When a sponsoring department wishes to provide visitors and affiliates with campus services related to their campus role, the department completes the Request for Approval of Visitor and Affiliate Status and Services form.

It is the responsibility of the dean or department vice president to provide final approval before campus services may be arranged.


Affiliates and Visitors are individuals associated with Boise State University who are not hired and/or not paid through our usual procedures.

There are three types:

  1. Affiliates/Vendors – Affiliates/Vendors – Individuals associated with the campus as board or advisory committee members, VIPs, contractors, volunteers, legislators, employees of agencies under the auspices of the State Board of Education, and who are not University employees.
  2. Affiliate Faculty – Individuals who do not have direct teaching responsibilities for students on or off campus and who do not receive monetary compensation from the University, but who provide instruction in programs with classroom, on-line, clinical, or laboratory experiences.
  3. Visitor – Individuals who are unpaid invited guests for a temporary length of time; and paid temporary employees, including consultants, interns, researchers or research assistants.

This form is not required for individuals hired using an Employee Action Form (EAF) or Letter of Appointment (LOA) and/or are paid through University payroll (e.g., Adjunct Faculty, Visiting Professors).

How to Use the Form

1. Obtain Supplemental Data

It is the responsibility of the requester to collect this supplemental data before submitting a request for approval of visitor and affiliate access and services.

The following supplemental data is required for any individual who does not have an employee ID (EMPLID) in the system:

  • Affiliate/vendor name
  • Last five digits of Social Security Number
  • Date of birth

This data is used to perform a search/match in PeopleSoft Campus Solutions to avoid creation of a duplicate account record. The university has always collected this supplemental data, but the process was revised as of April 2022 to require the requester to collect this data.

Ensuring a duplicate record is not created is of critical importance as such a record could cause significant downstream issues that permeate throughout Boise State’s enterprise applications.

2. Fill Out and Submit the Request

Request for Approval of Visitor and Affiliate Status and Services form.

Follow the instructions on the form. Note: Fields marked with an asterisk are required.

A Boise State ID number is required or the submitter will need to complete the Supplemental Data form:

  1. Browse to
  2. Select Affiliate Request Supplemental Data
  3. Provide the required supplemental information
  4. Select Execute to submit the information (you only need to select this once)

If you are requesting a Boise State ID card, the annual cost requires billing information where indicated.

If you want your affiliate/visitor to appear in the Online Directory, be sure to submit a request via Help Desk Self Service.

If an affiliate or visitor account needs to be terminated before the scheduled date, select the “Early Termination of Services” option.

The final portion of the form asks you to designate a Department Chair/Director and Dean/Department VP to be approvers. Follow the instructions to ensure the appropriate approvers are selected.

Once the form is complete, select Continue.

Next Steps — Approvals and Processing

  1. The individuals you designated as approvers will receive an email notification with instructions to approve the request. If the approver is not already signed in to myBoiseState, they may need to enter their Boise State username and password to access the approval feature.
  2. After the request is approved, it will be automatically routed for processing.
  3. The provisioning process will automatically grant self-service access to the affiliate or visitor. Any additional access (e.g., VPN or other system access) must be requested separately through the Office of Information Technology’s account request form.

View Request Status

  1. Access the Form Status Tracking Page.
  2. Select Affiliate/Visitor Request.

Your submitted form(s) will display, including the current workflow queue.

More Information

Please email for questions or information about the Request for Approval of Visitor and Affiliate Status and Services form and process.

If you encounter any technical issues using this form, contact the Help Desk at (208) 426-4357, or email

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