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Boise State Discovery Walk

Boise State is a transformative institution that has risen from a community college to a doctoral research university with “high research activity” in just a matter of decades. We are trailblazers. Taking risks and transcending boundaries in order to advance the university.

A tour of pathbreaking research

Discovery Walk Locations

Explore the places and spaces where innovation happens, for Idaho, our nation and the world and meet the top-tier research faculty driving innovation at Boise State.

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The NORCO Building


College of Innovation and Design


The Stein Luminary


Environmental Research Building


Micron Center For Materials Research

The Campaign for Boise State


Boise is a destination for student-centered transformative learning experiences. Faculty, researchers and students alike are tackling challenges and pushing the boundaries of research discoveries and forging a path for progress.” And then highlight and link to UNBRIDLED, the Campaign for Boise State.

Unbridled giving, unbridled impact, unbridled future. The Campaign for Boise State emboldens us to create a better campus and a better community, together.

Be Unbridled.

Interactive Discovery Walk Map