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Boldly Blue. Proudly Innovating.

This is Blue Turf Thinking

We are reimagining how potato chips are processed through innovation that could forever change the future of the snack industry. This is a model for how higher education is disrupting the status quo, innovating for employers and leading industries to help them stay globally competitive.

The Keith and Catherine Stein Luminary

An intersection of the arts and technology

Please touch the art!

The Luminary is a digital museum that includes 90 feet of touchscreen. It allows visitors to zoom in on high-resolution images of art from collections around the world. The immersive, interactive space invites you to discover yourself in new places, and visualize the possibilities.

"Innovation is in our DNA. It's just what we do at Boise State." — Dr. Marlene Tromp, President

We sometimes call it Blue Turf Thinking, and we’ve been nationally recognized for it. Boise State is building on our culture of innovation — developing research that positively impacts lives, structures that transcend disciplines so researchers and students can collaborate on big problems, and spaces and programs specifically devoted to innovation.

We take risks that matter

We want all of our Boise State community to engage in our culture of innovation.

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A culture of innovation

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Please touch the art!
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