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Boldly Blue. Proudly Innovating.

Increasing Student Success

Our Vertically Integrated Projects program allows students to work on faculty led, interdisciplinary teams, resulting in deep, real experience that helps students understand the benefit of their classes and engages them in meaningful problem solving.

Quantum Research at Boise State

Dyes, DNA and ‘Ghosts’

Welcome to the quantum world!

A highly specialized team of over 30 students, faculty and staff are part of the Quantum DNA Research Group, known as qDNA. They are taking quantum research to a jaw-dropping new level.

"Innovation is in our DNA. It's just what we do at Boise State." — Dr. Marlene Tromp, President

We sometimes call it Blue Turf Thinking, and we’ve been nationally recognized for it. Boise State is building on our culture of innovation — developing research that positively impacts lives, structures that transcend disciplines so researchers and students can collaborate on big problems, and spaces and programs specifically devoted to innovation.

A culture of innovation

Mexican Music Project: Partnership with the Idaho Commission on the Arts documents music in Idaho communities
15 to Start: Giving rural high school students a jumpstart for college
Making Boise State the best place to teach and do research
Reduce, reuse, recycle: REALLY
Empowering Idaho educators
Welcome to the Cyberdome

We take risks that matter

We want all of our Boise State community to engage in our culture of innovation.

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