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Sagebrush Innovation

Boise State develops research that positively impacts lives and breaks down traditional barriers so researchers and students can collaborate on big problems.

Discover the complexity of sagebrush

Thanks to break-through research at Boise State, we are learning just how important sagebrush is in estimating how climate change is impacting our ecosystem – both for humans and animals. For the first time ever, Boise State researchers have been able to sequence the sagebrush genome which is 2.3 times larger than the human genome and far more complex.

Interdisciplinary Sagebrush Research

Solving real problems

Groundbreaking sagebrush research

Impacting the region


students from undergraduate to post-doctoral worked on the sagebrush genome


faculty from Boise State researching sagebrush in the West


million acres of sagebrush steppe in the American West

Restoring a western icon

Sagebrush is the target of one of the largest restoration seeding efforts in the world. Innovative research taking place at Boise State helps scientists understand the genetic footprint of the plant.

The seeding efforts highlight its importance as a critical component of the ecosystem and will serve to restore its place as an icon of the American West.