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Online Academic Integrity Workshop

The Online Academic Integrity Workshop supports stronger student understanding of academic integrity and academic misconduct at Boise State. Common scenarios regarding the most frequent form of academic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism, and unauthorized collaboration) are followed by self-check quizzes that ask students to identify academic misconduct as well as alternative actions and strategies that uphold academic integrity.

Students will be assigned the workshop upon the first time they are found responsible for academic misconduct. Faculty can also assign the workshop to their students with the directions provided on this page, and request that students submit their completion certificate or end-screen as proof of completion (faculty may also request to verify student completion with two weeks by emailing Any campus community members are welcome to explore or complete the workshop using the self-enroll instructions provided on this page.

I need to self-enroll in the Academic Integrity Workshop on Canvas

Enrollment is available either through instant enrollment or manual

Instant Enrollment

For instant enrollment follow this link: Academic Integrity at Boise State in BroncoLearn


For manual enrollment follow these steps:

  1. Visit BroncoLearn
  2. Select the “Boise State University Students” tile
  3. Select the “Academic Integrity Workshop” tile
  4. Click the “Enroll” button
  5. Click the next prompt to go to your Canvas Dashboard (or navigate to Canvas where it will appear post-enrollment).

The course only captures your completion if you enroll, although you can view without enrollment! Please ensure you complete this step.

I need to complete the Academic Integrity Workshop

  1. Visit Boise State’s Canvas site
  2. Select “Internal Login” and use your Boise State email/password login info to enter Canvas.
  3. “Academic Integrity Workshop” will appear in your Canvas course options.
  • You can complete the workshop over several different sessions.
  • You must view every portion to proceed forward. You cannot ‘skip around’ or bypass.
  • All quizzes allow unlimited attempts and require 100% accuracy to progress.

Please use Chrome or Firefox for Canvas (not Safari or Edge). Refreshing/ ‘clearing the cache’ can also help Canvas functionality issues.

I need to submit proof of workshop completion

  • You will receive an email-Completion Certificate that you may forward to anyone of your choosing.
  • You can also screenshot the completion screen of your Canvas course as a back-up certified completion, forwardable to anyone of your choosing.
  • Your completion status is also automatically recorded inside course data.

Help! I need to do some trouble-shooting mid-course

  1. Please use Chrome or Firefox for Canvas (not Safari or Edge).
  2. Refreshing/ ‘clearing the cache’ can also help Canvas functionality issues.
  3. Please note you must view & complete every portion in order or Canvas will not allow you to proceed – you will get ‘jammed’ in a module until you view all content. (Accidental incompletion has been a common past problem preventing progress between Modules 4 & 5).
  4. Remember – quizzes require 100% accuracy and unlimited attempts.
  5. Are you sure you finished, but there is no record of it? You may need to register. The course is publicly-available so anyone can see it/ ‘test drive’ on Canvas, but until you register via BroncoLearn, it will not capture your user info.
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