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Online Academic Integrity Workshop

The Online Academic Integrity Workshop supports stronger student understanding of academic integrity and academic misconduct at Boise State. Common scenarios regarding the most frequent form of academic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism, and unauthorized collaboration) are followed by self-check quizzes that ask students to identify academic misconduct as well as alternative actions and strategies that uphold academic integrity.

Students will be assigned the workshop upon the first time they are found responsible for academic misconduct. Faculty can also request to assign the workshop to a class section by emailing with a roster and deadline at least two weeks before the assignment will be due. Any campus community members are welcome to explore the workshop using the instructions below.

Instructions to self-enroll in the workshop: 

  1. Log into Blackboard.
  2. Copy and paste the following link into the address line of Blackboard:
  3. Confirm your self-enrollment by clicking the “Submit” button. Note that you will not see your instructor’s name listed.
  4. Select “OK” on the next page. This will direct you to the Academic Integrity Workshop.
  5. Academic Integrity Workshop will now be listed under your courses on your Blackboard homepage.
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