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Can any faculty use the Faculty Ombuds services?

  • Absolutely. The Faculty Ombuds is available to ALL Boise State faculty, whether you are part time, full time, teaching, research, clinical, visiting, or a special lecturer.

What does the Faculty Ombuds do?

  • Listen and discuss Boise State faculty questions, concerns, and complaints
  • Help evaluate various options to address concerns
  • Answer questions or help find others who can
  • Help explain and clarify University policies and procedures
  • Facilitate communication between people
  • Advise individuals about steps to resolve problems informally
  • Advise individuals about formal and administrative options
  • Set up mediation for disputes where desired
  • Make appropriate referrals when appropriate, or when informal options don’t work
  • Point out patterns of problems/complaints to administrators

What does the Faculty Ombuds not do?

  • Address issues/concerns brought by Boise State students or staff
  • Participate in formal grievance processes
  • Make administrative decisions for Boise State administrators
  • Determine “guilt” or “innocence” of those accused of wrong-doing
  • Advocate one party’s position to another party
  • Assign sanctions to individuals

When should I visit the Faculty Ombuds?

  • When you want to discuss a sensitive question or issue with a person who is impartial and will keep it confidential
  • When you are unsure of where to go or what options exist to address a problem
  • When you have a situation requiring help in facilitating communication
  • When you feel you have been treated unfairly
  • When you are unsure which policies, procedures, or regulations apply in your situation
  • When you feel a policy, procedure, or regulation has been applied unfairly or erroneously
  • When you have a complaint about an office, a service or a decision at Boise State University

How can the Faculty Ombuds help me?

  • By carefully listening and helping to analyze the situation on an informal basis
  • By researching and explaining relevant university policies, procedures and problem-solving channels
  • By helping you to identify and evaluate informal and formal options
  • By assisting you with non-adversarial, problem-solving discussions with other involved parties
  • By making referrals to other campus and community resources
  • By striving to help faculty receive fair and equitable treatment within the University system

Can the Faculty Ombuds provide legal advice?

  • No. The Faculty Ombuds can help you understand your rights within the University but does not provide legal advice.

Are there disputes that the Faculty Ombuds does not address?

  • The Faculty Ombuds does not address disputes between members of the campus community and private individuals, companies, or organizations not affiliated with Boise State University.
  • The Faculty Ombuds does not handle formal grievances or legal issues of any kind. However, you may still use the Faculty Ombuds informally either before or after using a formal grievance procedure.

What might I gain by coming to the Faculty Ombuds?

  • Insight into a complicated situation
  • A clearer perspective on your issue or concern
  • Enhanced ability to deal effectively with a problem
  • Identification and clarification of options
  • Communication strategies to resolve interpersonal issues