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Complaint Resolution

Policies and State Contacts

Boise State University is committed to supporting students in and outside the classroom and resolving student complaints in a fair and timely manner. Grievance policies exist to ensure students have avenues to voice concerns about academic and non-academic matters.

  • Complaints associated with Boise State University should first be directed to the appropriate university office/department involved with the concern. See the link above for guidance on filing a complaint.
  • SARA students not satisfied with the outcome of the university’s resolution may file an appeal with the university’s portal agent or with their home state’s portal agent. Portal Contact Listing. California students have a separate State Complaint Process. Students in Guam or the Mariana Islands may contact
  • If you are an active United States military service member, veteran, or a family member of a current military service member or a veteran, the Department of Defense may review your complaint.
  • Boise State University’s regional accrediting agency, the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities will consider complaints regarding Boise State but requires evidence that all institutional grievance policies have been exhausted and that the reported conditions be substantially documented and directly related to the Commission’s eligibility requirements, standards, and policies.