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Foundations of the Discipline

Expand Your Ways of Knowing

From Art 100 to Physics 111, Foundations of the Discipline courses will help you understand how artists, historians, scientists, social scientists, and others ask and answer important questions.

Expand the number of ways you know the world–so you can tackle unfamiliar problems, make creative connections, work in cross-disciplinary teams, or better understand complex projects, systems, and events.

Prepare yourself to continue growing in unexpected directions at college and throughout your life.

Different Ways of Knowing the World

Foundations of the Discipline courses examine ideas that have far-reaching impacts, focusing on foundational concepts of high value to non-majors.

They also help students understand the nature, scope, strengths, and limitations of a particular discipline‚Äôs methods of inquiry and expression: its “ways of knowing” the world.


Boise State students take courses within the following five categories.

  1. Foundations of Arts (3 credits)
  2. Foundations of Mathematics (3 credits)
  3. Foundations of Natural, Physical and Applied Sciences (7 credits)
  4. Foundations of Social Sciences (6 credits)
  5. Foundations of Humanities (3 credits)

Each Foundations of the Discipline course helps students meet one of the Idaho State Board of Education’s Ways of Knowing requirements for undergraduate education and a corresponding Boise State University Learning Outcome.


  • Current Foundations of the Discipline courses are listed on the registrar’s course catalog page .
  • To verify courses offered in prior catalog years, view our UF course lists page.
  • Some programs and majors require specific Foundations of the Disciplines courses. Be sure to check your Boise State catalog and degree box.