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UF Teaching Awards


Do you know an instructor who is an exemplary teacher of non-majors? If so, nominate them for a University Foundations teaching award. One faculty member from each of the following course categories will be recognized by University Foundations and the General Education Committee.

Six winners from the Foundations of the Discipline categories will become one of Boise State’s nominees for the Idaho State Board of Education’s new GEM awards, which will celebrate outstanding general education teaching across Idaho’s universities.


Nominations and endorsements are open to the campus community, including: administrators, faculty, staff and students.

(Boise State winners who are forwarded on as a candidate for an Idaho State Board of Education statewide GEM award will be contacted for a follow-up interview to provide further information for their state-level nomination.)

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Boise State’s general education program, University Foundations, answers the question: What does every Boise State student need to KNOW, DO, and BECOME, regardless of major? University Foundations courses expose students to different “ways of knowing” that are relevant to anyone. As students expand their tools of inquiry by exploring the different ways historians, social scientists, artists, and others look into important questions, they form a more complete picture of the world, connect disparate ideas, better understand others, and grow in new directions.

The University Foundations awards will recognize the essential contribution those teaching non-majors make to the core mission of public education: to educate citizens both for making a living and making a life as individuals and community members.

Six winners will be considered for one of Idaho’s statewide GEM teaching awards, which will recognize outstanding teaching across Idaho’s general education courses.

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Foundations of the Disciplines Categories

  • Foundations of Writing
  • Foundations of Oral Communication
  • Foundations of Mathematics
  • Foundations of Natural, Physical, and Applied Sciences
  • Foundations of Humanities
  • Foundations of Arts
  • Foundations of Social Sciences

Other Categories

  • Foundations of Intellectual Life
  • Foundations of Ethics and Diversity
  • Finishing Foundations