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Interested in Becoming a UF 100 Discussion Group Leader?

Would  you like to help freshmen students get connected to the University and each other?  To model college-level inquiry for incoming students? To teach in partnership with an experienced instructor? UF 100 Discussion Group Leaders are an integral part of the teams that teach one of Boise State’s keystone freshman courses.

Graduate students and adjuncts are invited to apply at any time to join our Discussion Group Leader candidate pool. Information about pool candidates will be supplied to Lead Faculty and their departments (who are in charge of directly hiring and paying their Discussion Group Leaders).

What You’ll do:

  • Teach one or more of the four small, highly participatory 25-student discussion group sections attached to a 100-student plenary lecture (based on guidelines developed in collaboration with Lead Faculty).
  • Attend and participate in a training session in the week prior to the semester.
  • Attend the weekly plenary lectures taught by Lead Faculty. (Expectations about more active participation in plenary teaching will vary.)
  • Some grading required (as agreed prior to the start of the semester).

What We’re looking for:

    • A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree.

    • Experience and/or training in facilitating connection and discussion among freshmen-level students.

    • Academic background or interests related to a UF 100 plenary theme.


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