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Finishing Foundations Courses

Show Us How Far You Have Come

Every student at Boise State takes a Finishing Foundations course close to graduation. Finishing Foundations courses provide students with a capstone opportunity to display or reflect on their senior-level skills. Show us what you KNOW, what you can DO, and who you have BECOME at Boise State.

Investigate, Solve Problems, Communicate, Reflect

The Finishing Foundations course you take will depend upon your major and emphasis. In most Finishing Foundations courses, students tackle a capstone project that requires them to integrate and apply skills they have built throughout their time at Boise State.

No matter what Finishing Foundations experience you reach, it will help you show how far you have come in the areas below:

  1. Engaging in Critical Inquiry
  2. Writing and/or Speaking Effectively

Examples of Capstone Finishing Foundations Projects