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Foundations of Oral Communication

Clear, Confident, Compelling.

No matter what you do in the future, you will need to talk about your ideas in ways that interest and persuade. Become a more comfortable and confident public speaker as you prepare, deliver, and analyze presentations in your Foundations of Oral Communication course.

The New Foundations of Oral Communication Category

Foundations of Oral Communication is a new course category at Boise State that will:

      • help you become a more confident speaker
      • further develop your ability to create well-researched, organized, and effective presentations
      • introduce you to important communication models and theories

Beginning in Fall 2019, Boise State students will complete one of two redesigned courses in the new Foundations of Oral Communication category:

      1. COMM 101: Fundamentals of Oral Communication (most students)
      2. SOC 122: Sociological Communication (limited enrollment)

More About the Change

Your individual course requirements may differ based on your catalog year, course history, and major.

(For example: If you entered Boise State prior to Fall 2019, you might be able to take a course from our previous category, Communication in the Discipline, instead of choosing one of the two courses listed above. Or you might have taken COMM 101 prior to it’s Fall 2019 redesign and be able to use it to fulfill a Foundations of Social Sciences requirement.)

If you have questions about fulfilling your individual course requirements, please be sure to talk with your academic advisor.

For more detailed information about this curriculum change, visit the Oral Comm Category Change (CID to FC) section of our For Advisors page.