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Reserve your spot at Boise State!

Intent to Enroll

If you’ve been admitted and have decided to join us at Boise State, reserve your spot in the incoming class by submitting the Intent to Enroll, along with a $100 enrollment confirmation. The Intent to Enroll and enrollment confirmation are required of students planning to enroll at Boise State University.

Visit the Intent to Enroll portal and use your Boise State username and passphrase to login.

Submit Your Intent to Enroll

Submitting the Intent to Enroll:

  • secures your place in the incoming class
  • allows you to sign-up for an orientation program starting in April
  • secures any scholarships you’ve been offered
  • ensures processing of your final enrollment materials
  • helps us plan for the incoming class (so even if you’re enrolling elsewhere, please let us know!)

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Intent to Enroll and the enrollment confirmation?

The Intent to Enroll is the online form students will fill out to confirm their intentions for their first semester. The Intent to Enroll includes three options:

  • Intends to enroll at Boise State and pay the $100 enrollment confirmation.
  • Intends to enroll at Boise State, but will request to waive the $100 enrollment confirmation.
  • Does not intend to enroll at Boise State, and wants to decline their admission.

The enrollment confirmation refers to the actual $100 fee that accompanies the Intent to Enroll. The two terms are separate because it is possible for a student to indicate their intentions (which could include not attending Boise State) and not submit the $100 enrollment confirmation.

Are waivers of the $100 enrollment confirmation available?

Enrollment confirmation waivers are available for students demonstrating financial need. Please submit the Intent to Enroll form using the answer regarding a waiver, and fill out the waiver information in the form to indicate that you meet one of the eligibility criteria.

Who pays the enrollment confirmation?

Any domestic, degree seeking, undergraduate students who are attending Boise State for the first time, and are taking one or more classes.

Can a student admitted for fall semester attend orientation without submitting the Intent to Enroll and enrollment confirmation?

No – All domestic, degree seeking, undergraduate students must pay the enrollment confirmation in order to register for a new student orientation program.

Is the enrollment confirmation refundable?

For fall and summer semesters, the enrollment confirmation is refundable up to May 1 – after May 1 it is non-refundable.

For spring semester, the enrollment confirmation is refundable upto December 1 – after December 1 it is non-refundable.