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Nate Weber selected as plenary speaker at Undergraduate Research Showcase

Nate Weber, undergraduate researcher in the Curl Agricultural Health Lab, was selected to present a plenary lightning talk at Boise State University’s Undergraduate Research Showcase. Nate will join a select group of 15 undergraduate researchers presenting their topics using one presentation slide, with three minutes to speak. The plenary will be held at 10:45am on Friday, April 17th in the SUB.

Weber will be presenting his research within the scope of the greater exposure-science study taking place in the Curl Agricultural Health Lab, where investigators aim to understand the magnitude and sources of glyphosate (the active ingredient in the herbicide “Roundup”) exposure among pregnant women in Idaho. He will be discussing his own research within this investigation, titled “What Animal Studies Can Teach Us about Glyphosate Toxicity to Pregnant Women and their Children.” Weber is researching the toxic effects of this herbicide observed in pregnant animals and their offspring, which will provide insight into the potential clinical relevance of the exposures measured in human populations.

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