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Alejandra Hernandez Awarded Higher Education Research Council Fellowship

Alejandra Hernandez, an undergraduate researcher in the Curl Agricultural Health Lab, has been awarded a Higher Education Research Council (HERC) Fellowship through the Institute for Inclusive & Transformative Scholarship at Boise State University. This fellowship, which is offered to undergraduate students who are nominated by a faculty member, includes a 10-week research experience with a faculty mentor and the opportunity to present research.


Hernandez will be working with Dr. Carly Hyland, a post-doctoral fellow working with Dr. Cynthia Curl in Public Health and Population Science. Hernandez will work with Dr. Hyland during Spring 2022 investigating pesticide exposure among male and female Latinx farmworkers.


“Hernandez has already been an integral part of the project, assisting in the development and translation of study questionnaires,” Hyland said.


As part of the HERC Fellowship, Hernandez will attend the Boise State Undergraduate Research Showcase and the Idaho Conference of Undergraduate Research to present the team’s research findings.