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Newsletter – July 2019

Bob’s Note
August 6, 2019

We wanted to allow the many faculty and staff that contribute to this letter time to enjoy their Summer, so we’ve pushed back our July newsletter to the first week of August. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

School News

Respiratory Care Leadership

The School is thrilled to announce that Dr. Joe Coyle has agreed to serve as interim department head, and Lonny Ashworth has agreed to serve as interim program director for the face-2-face bachelor’s degree program. It is our intention that we would have “permanent” leaders in these within a year, and therefore, we have not asked Joe and Lonny to commit to anything beyond that.

Ideally, we would have new leadership in place by the beginning of the Spring semester of 2020. There were some folks whose names were also mentioned, and when we reached out to them, they were so very gracious in expressing a willingness to help in any way possible.

Thank you so much. Your leadership skills are well respected by your peers, and your commitment to the department is a big part of why you have all been so successful.

We’re moving!

The Director’s Office will be moving to HSRV 200 in mid-August.

Subsequently, TJ Wing will be relocating to HSRV 210 and Sarah Toevs to HSRV 123.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact Kristy Grabert.

College News

College Meeting

This is a reminder that the College meeting is Aug. 22 1:00 PM to 4:00 PM in the Jordan D ballroom.

Congratulations, Lutana!

Lutana Haan is officially full-time with the College as the Assistant Dean, as of July 28th. Let’s give her a warm welcome!

Story Collection

The College (and the University, for larger stories) actively writes blogs and news releases for the community. If you know any staff, faculty, students, or alumni who are involved in interesting work, you can submit your story ideas! You can fill out the form on the SAHS website.

Happy Birthday to:

  • Bob Wood – July 4
  • Gen Ludwig – July 6
  • Stephanie Hall – July 16
  • Brian Young – July 24
  • Uwe Reischl – July 25
  • Isabel Everett – July 31
  • Chelsea Smith – August 11
  • Tina Freeman – August 11
  • Linda Osgood – August 17
  • Shawn Simonson – Aug 18
  • Lonny Ashworth – Aug 23
  • Cynnie Curl – Aug 24
  • Luke Montrose – Aug 24
  • Sue Ellis – Aug 24
  • Lillian Smith – Aug 27
  • Jeff Anderson – Aug 28
  • Caile Spear – Aug 28
  • Shawn Dunnagan – Aug 31