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David and Carol Wike: First donors to a dream project

David and Carol Wike

In a video David Wike received from Boise State, an excavator scoops gravel and mud out of an embankment on the Boise River. A trickle of water grows and gains force, pushing open a new river channel. The channel, destined to become habitat for wildlife and a hub of education and research, is the latest addition to the Diane Moore Nature Center, part of the Intermountain Bird Observatory, a research and community education program at Boise State.

Shortly after watching that video, Wike rushed to the scene and gazed in amazement. “I was emotional, this had been a dream for years. I knew this was going to make a huge difference at that site,” he said.

Years of engagement and volunteerism led David and Carol Wike to become the first major donors to the channel project.

“We had to let people know there was somebody deeply involved who was willing to put up something to get things rolling,” David Wike said.

The Wikes started volunteering with the observatory in the mid-1990s, before they retired. David Wike was a doctor, Carol Wike was a nurse. Through the decades, they built relationships with many students, some of whom returned to the observatory as fellow volunteers, educators and staff.

“One of the things we’ve gotten out of this is how much we’ve been able to give back to the community,” Carol Wike said. “We’ve chosen this over a lot of other things because it’s fun, a way to stay involved in the out-of-doors and enjoy the friendships we’ve gained.”

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