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Sevio Stanton


Degree: Bachelor of Science in Physics with double emphases in Astrophysics and Biophysics, Chemistry with emphasis in Biochemistry, Biology with emphasis in Cellular, Molecular, and Biomedical Sciences, and a minor in Applied Mathematics

Future Plans: Pursue a Ph.D. in Physics at University of Colorado Boulder.

Honored Faculty: Dr. Daniel Fologea, Professor, Department of Physics

Sevio is an accomplished student in physics, chemistry and biology, and has conducted academic research at both Boise State and other institutions. At Boise State, he has worked in the labs of Drs. Jackson, Cornell, McClain, and Fologea on topics ranging from biochemistry to astronomy. This past summer, he worked in experimental particle physics under the guidance of Drs. Chad Freer and Christoph Paus at MIT.

Sevio deeply appreciates the mentorship he has received as an undergraduate and is committed to paying it forward. This fall, he will pursue a Ph.D. in Physics to contribute to a culture of academia that uplifts and equips all students with the requisite skills to pursue their intellectual interests. In particular, he aims to improve the accessibility of science education, starting by interweaving the fundamental concepts upon which all science is based into every level of coursework.

Sevio is from Boise, Idaho.

Boise State Scholarships and Awards: Graduate of the Boise State Honors College, DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship, NSF Graduate Research Fellowship, Princeton P3 Scholar, UIUC ASPIRE Scholar, The Ohio State GPS Scholar, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Summer Research Fellow (MSRP), MSRP MVP, ACS Undergraduate Award in Physical Chemistry, McNair Scholar, Physical Chemistry Student of the Year, Second Place INBRE Student Choice Award, Southwestern Idaho Bridges to the Baccalaureate Fellow, SIST Fellow at Fermilab, LSAMP SREU Fellow, Dean’s List, Honcik Physics Scholarship, Hibbs Family Scholarship, The Duane & Lori Steuckle Honors College Scholarship, Idaho Opportunity Scholarship, Osher Reentry Scholarship, Linda mercer COAS Science Scholarship, Schimpf Chemistry Scholarship, Hibb’s Family Chemistry Award, Physics Department Scholarship, Dr. Robert W. Ellis Chemistry Scholarship, Langroise Honors Scholarship, Presidential Transfer Scholarship

College of Western Idaho Scholarships and Awards: First Place President’s Writing Awards: Original Research, President’s List, Laura Moore Cunningham Scholarship, UW LSAMP Leadership Scholar, Second Place Connections Project Excellence Award

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