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Boise State Love Stories

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Did you meet your significant other at Boise State University like Eric and Dawn Andrade? If so, we want to hear your story! Submit your photo and story using the form below.

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    Boise State Love Stories

    Nico and Rebecca Axtell

    Nico and Rebecca Axtell

    “Nico and I were both Boise State students. We worked together at Park Center Red Robin. We both graduated in 1996.. He was a history major and I was a teaching major. We were married on July 26, 1995 and are still together today. We still love the Broncos!

    Madison Baker and Brandon Hawkins

    Madison Baker and Brandon Hawkins as students and proposing on the blue

    “Brandon and I were both new to Boise State from different parts of Texas (Dallas and Austin). He came to play football and I came to follow my dreams of being a cheerleader. We met in the training room, and then he asked me on a date! 2 years later he asked me to marry him where we met — On The Blue!”

    Scott and Lisa Barrett

    Scott and Lisa Barrett, on wedding day, with their child, and now

    “We met in September 1978 as freshmen at a Dorm exchange…ice skating and pizza. We married on February 9, 1980…celebrating our 43rd anniversary this year! We settled in Spring Creek, NV raising our three kids and welcoming 8 grandchildren.”

    Joshua Braziel and Marisa Trent

    Joshua Braziel and Marisa Trent in marching band uniforms, and now

    “Josh and I met through Blue Thunder Marching Band our freshman year in 2014. We were friends for a while before I realized he liked me. We started dating on Valentine’s Day in 2015. We got engaged in 2019 and are getting married in June. Being in marching band together has always been a great memory for both of us and we are forever grateful to have met there.”

    Chase Barnum and Shelby McIntire

     Chase Barnum and Shelby McIntire

    “It was a cold and rainy day in February. I was walking from one side of campus to the other to try and make it to my class on time. When I arrive, no one was there… class has been canceled! As I turned to walk away, Chase was walking towards the classroom. I saw him and said, “Are you in this class?” He responded “Yes!” And I quickly said back “it’s canceled!” And away I went doing my usual fast walk. Chase followed me outside and towards the SUB. He noticed my backpack had my sorority pins all over it and he asked me a question. “Are you in Alpha Chi?” I turned around shocked that he was wanting to talk to me. I responded and said “yep!” He then says “I’m in Fiji!” We then started to talk about Greek life and as we approached the SUB I told him that I had time before going to work so I was going to eat something. He looked down at his feet then looked back up at me and said “is it okay if I join you?”
    We ate together, talked about our upbringings, and I quickly fell for him.
    Thank you Boise State for bringing us together  It’s been 5 years and I’m thankful every day I ran into Chase on campus!”

    Trent Brown and Caitlin Vasko

    Trent and Caitlin

    “Trent and I met playing Saturday touch football games at Ann Morrison Park. We both were involved with the Honors Student Association and Honors College. When Trent proposed, the week of graduation, we were wearing our Honors College Peer Mentor shirts for a hike up Table Rock.”

    Tyler Piper and Leanna Brownell

    Tyler Piper and Leanna Brownell

    “Tyler and I met through our intramural soccer team! We spent every week playing together and he finally asked me out to coffee :) Now we live in Washington and are getting married in September!”

    Nicholas and Sierra Bohamera

    Nick and Sierra

    “Nick, a California native, and Sierra, and Oregon native, met on the Boise State Class of 2017 Facebook page! They made plans to meet in person on move-in day. When they officially met outside of Keiser Hall, they knew it was love! Nick and Sierra spent their entire four years at Boise State together and both graduated with bachelor’s degrees. They married in June 2019 and chose to settle down in their favorite place, Boise! Even though they’ve long graduated, they still like to go back to where it all began… Keiser Hall.”

    Chris Butler and Tatijana Strange-Garasa

    Chris Butler and Tatijana Strange-Garasa in band uniforms and at wedding

    “Chris and I met through the Blue Thunder Marching Band. We started as friends and were crazy awkward around each other. As our relationship evolved and continued, band was always an important thing for both of us. In our senior year, after dating for almost four years, on Dec. 10, 2016, Chris proposed at the Blue Thunder End of Year Banquet by delivering a speech before the band. We got married in November of the next year and made sure to stop by band rehearsal afterward to let Joe and our friends who were still in the band know. We are happy together and still fondly think back on our time with Blue Thunder.”

    Maranda Cantrell and Aaron Ajeti

    Maranda Cantrell and Aaron Ajeti

    “Aaron and I met in our second years at Boise State. He was a (non-traditional) sophomore earning his BS in Chemistry, I was a second-year Ph.D. student in BioMolecular sciences. He had just joined my lab as an undergrad. At first, I gave him no thought, as I was in a relationship at the time and he was a tie-dye wearing metal head (clearly not my type). He joined my project and I was tasked with training him in lab techniques. We developed a friendship and a bond over his love for the outdoors, and my desire to participate in outdoor activities. Well, the pandemic hit, I ended my relationship, and we took social distancing very seriously by hiking Idaho’s twelvers, which at the time meant hiking wherein you might see one other group in the course of a weekend. 8 of 9 twelvers, lots of outdoor adventures, and nearly two years (and two states) later, we are going strong! Photo is of us on top of Lost River peak in the Lost River Range in Idaho with our two roommates of the time, (also Boise State alumni)!”

    Alma and Zach Ceja

    Zach and Alma Ceja

    “We were both on the Debate Team at Boise State! After being friends for a year, we started dating in Fall 2019. The first thing we bonded over was how creepy the Communication building felt sometimes. 😅 We got married in October 2023 🥳Thank you Boise State for bringing us together!!”

    Kevin and Stephanie Churchman

    Kevin and Stephanie Churchman as a young couple and with family at basketball game

    “Kevin and I met in the Towers Dorm in 1984. I had just relocated to Boise from St. Louis and didn’t know a single person in Idaho outside my family. The first night after I had moved into the dorm I came home around midnight. Kevin was just getting off duty as the residential advisor of Towers and we entered the elevator at the same time. He said “Hi Stephanie”, which took me by surprise since I didn’t know him, but he knew my name. He then asked me if I had been on a hot date and I replied, “No, I was with my brother at the Fair”. He then got a big smile on his face, got off the elevator, turned around and said, “Well, I guess I will be seeing you later” and winked at me. Well, he was right about that! Three days later, Kevin and I bumped into each other in the Towers lobby. It was at this time he asked me out. I responded that I didn’t know anything about him, so I wasn’t sure if I felt comfortable going on a date with him. He proceeded to tell me he was an RA in the Towers dorm, he was on the BSU Golf team, a BSU Cheerleader and a gymnast. So I told him if he could do a backflip right here, I would go on a date with him. And just like that, he did a standing backflip and we were off to Ice Cream Alley in downtown Boise. The date was a huge success! We stayed up all night talking, laughing and telling each other jokes. We were both so young when we met, so we took our time and dated for 9 years before marrying in August 1993. We have been married for 27 years and have 2 beautiful children, Alexa and Brian. We have had such wonderful times together and are still huge Boise State fans – Go Broncos.”

    Emilio and Ashleigh Cisneros

    Emilio and Ashleigh Cisneros as a youch couple and with their child

    “Emilio and I originally met when I was a RA in university suites and he was a resident. He pursued me but I wasn’t interested in him romantically at first. Close to a year later, I joined a sorority and he was president of his fraternity, so we started spending more time together. We eventually started dating and the rest is history.”

    Kyle and Rachel Clifton

    Kyle and Rachel Clifton

    “Rachel and I were students at Boise State from 2012-2016. We met through Intervarsity Christian Fellowship on campus and were married in 2015. Living in North Carolina, we now have two kids and stay up late cheering on the Broncos.”

    Maddie and Wilson Dobson

    Maddie and Wilson Dobson

    “Wilson and I met a little over 5 years ago during my freshman year and he was a Sophomore. We had an instant connection and have been together ever since.”

    Rob and Melinda Draper

    Rob and Melinda Draper with family

    “We first met in 1988 in an accounting class at Boise State.

    We fell in love over the next four years while attending Boise State. I also fell in love with football watching Rob play for Boise State (1986-1990). After graduation, we got married, started our careers and raised two amazing children. Our daughter graduated from BSU in 2018 with BS degrees in Kinesiology & Athletic Training. Our son is a Junior at BSU majoring in Mechanical Engineering. We continue to live in Boise and love supporting our Broncos!!”

    Shaun and Kassandra Erlebach

    Shaun and Kassandra Erlebach as a young couple and at wedding

    “Shaun Erlebach and I met in 2010, my freshman year at Boise State through the Cheerleading Spirit Program. We cheered together for one year at Boise State. We have been together ever since, got married in 2016 and had our reception at the Stueckle Sky Center on campus. We are so grateful for Boise State and the Cheer Program that brought us together!”

    Matt Gossard and Kelly Saunders

    Matt Gossard and Kelly Saunder

    Matt Gossard and Kelly Saunders met in the fall semester of 2010. He was starting the Ultimate Frisbee club team and she was interested in an active club sport. This has turned into 9 years of dating, creating a home together in Boise, and are planning to get married in May 2021.

    Mitch and Haley Hawk

    Mitch and Haley Hawk at graduate and now

    “I met a lot of new people when I was an orientation leader. One of those people introduced me to my now-husband. It was orientation season and all of us orientation leaders were incredibly exhausted. We happened to have a weekend free and it happened to be one of our birthdays. She decided it would be a great time to have all of us over to celebrate. Her boyfriend agreed and brought all of his friends. After talking to her and her boyfriend for a while they both agreed I needed to meet their friend. He and I hit it off right away, but we were both too shy to get each other’s number. Luckily, my friend was not! Sadly, my now-husband hit delete instead of save! Shortly after we left my friend’s house, I heard someone calling my name down the street. It was my now husband running after me because he knew he had to see me again. We spent our last two years at Boise state attending every football and basketball game and still enjoy going to games as much as possible and remembering all the incredible times we had together on campus. Boise State will forever be the place that changed my life in so many ways.”

    Andrew Hensiek and Elena Imel

    Elena Imel and Andrew Hensiek in band uniforms, in front of the b statue and holding beer steins

    “Andrew and I met in the Blue Thunder Marching Band. He was right in front of me for the pre-game drill my Freshman and his Junior year. As two fellow band nerds we hit it off, and 4 years later we are engaged and planning our wedding for this August. It is crazy looking back on everything that had to take place for the two of us to both choose to come to Boise State and I’m so thankful that we got to meet!”

    Ian Hooyboer and Fancee Flegel

    Ian Hooyboer and Fancee Flegel

    “From the first day I met Ian on the Boise State Blue Thunder Drumline, I felt this wild attraction to him. We had an immediate, close friendship that blossomed into more after our 4 years of college band was over. Now, we are engaged and planning the wedding of our dreams!”

    Bryan and Erin Horsburgh

    Erin, Bryan, Noah, Caleb Horsburgh

    “Erin and I met in the towers dorms back in 1989. We spent four awesome years at Boise State and are the proud parents of twin boys who graduated from Boise State as well. We bleed blue in our family!”

    Jen Johnson and Dani Frank

    Jen Johnson and Dani Frank

    “We met at Boise State, both living in the dorms in Chaffee, ‘93-94. We didn’t date while in college, but reconnected our friendship and spark later via Facebook.”

    Andie Hill & Andrew Stone

    Andie Hill & Andrew Stone in college and now

    ” I was born and raised in Boise and Andrew came from a small town in Oregon. I was on the women’s soccer team and Andrew was in the band. On the first day of our Junior year, we met while locking up our bikes outside of class. We shared so many fun memories at Boise State, including getting our photo taken at a basketball game and having it displayed in the downtown Boise State bookstore (still to this day)! We have been together for 6 years and now live in Seattle, WA where Andrew is a medical sales rep and I am finishing up my graduate degree in occupational therapy! Thanks, Boise State, for introducing us! :)”

    Reegan Jacobson and Emily Hester-Jacobson

    Reegan and Emily

    “Emily and I met through our work in the Campus Food Pantry. She was working in the Dean of Students office and I was on the ASBSU Food Pantry Committee. We worked together on creating the mission and vision for the newly established Campus Food Pantry and began dating shortly after. 4 years later we are married, both working at Boise State, Emily as the Business Operations Coordinator for the Campus Food Pantry and myself as the Advancement Coordinator for the School of Public Service and College of Education. Boise State was a major part of us finding each other, growing our love for one another, and continues to be a major part of our lives through our work today.”

    Debi and Terry Jensen

    Debi and Terry

    “It was the fall of 1976. Our mutual friend, Tom Dougherty, tried to set us up with each other. He thought we’d make an adorable couple! Debi (studying boys more than business) thought he was too skinny, and Terry (studying girls more than a teaching degree) thought she was too snooty! But we ran around together as a group of friends, and got to know each other, as friends. Debi left college and went to work at a bank. A year later we ran into each other at Karcher Mall in Nampa. Terry was looking to buy a pair of pants for a date with someone else. So Debi, being the very nice, not snooty person that she is, was helping him. We couldn’t find what he wanted at Karcher Mall, so Debi knew of another shop not far from there. As Terry was getting into Debi’s car so she could take him there, she felt like she’d been struck by lightning! Immediately Debi knew that she was sitting next to her future husband! Tom was right after all! Terry hadn’t even asked her for a date yet! Terry did not feel that strike of lightning right away, but he did ask her for a date before the day was over. Five weeks later on February 7, 1978, we were engaged. We were married on August 12, 1978 in Caldwell, Idaho, followed by many amazing outdoor adventures with 3 kids and 3 grandkids. This year we will celebrate 46 wonderful and very happy years together.

    Debi returned to Boise State in 1991 to pursue an Elementary Ed degree, graduating in 1994, followed by careers with the Vallivue Schools as well as Idaho Fish & Game. Terry didn’t finish a degree but had a wonderful 37-year career at Hewlett Packard. We’re now both retired and loving life. If we hadn’t gone to Boise State, how different our lives would be! We still love cheering for our Broncos!!”

    Michael Lagunas and Ashley Lagunas Pyell

    Ashley Lagunas Pyell Michael Lagunas at graduation and wedding

    “Michael and I were both studying Psychology at Boise State when we met in Dr. Landrum’s Research Methods class. We sat next to each other all semester so we were able to bounce our research ideas off each other. We were pretty good friends by the end of the course, but one day one of my friends in Blue Thunder Marching Band reached out to me to tell me that she’d met Michael while he was at work and he mentioned that he would like to see me again. We started dating and took several of the rest of our classes together, ultimately graduating together in the winter of 2016. Six years after we met, we’ve now been married for almost two years and recently bought our own home! We’re so grateful to have been brought together at Boise State!”

    Todd and Candace Leroux

    Todd and Candace Leroux

    “I met Todd my sophomore year. Honestly, I thought he was dorky. In my senior year I fell In love with him. He was the kindest man I’d ever been around. 15 years later, we are married with a 12-year-old and he is still the best man I’ve ever met. We’ve moved all over the United States, traveled the world, and are living our dreams in Alaska.”

    Jeff and Cassie Luna

    Jeff and Cassie Luna

    “My husband Jeff and I met as we were both in the Kinesiology Department earning our Bachelor’s Degrees in K-12 Physical Education. We had a few classes together and had a handful of mutual friends. We started officially dating in 2013 and now, 11 years later have two sons and are both teachers. Go Broncos!”

    Leon and Andie Madsen

    Leon and Andie Madsen

    “My husband Leon and I met in 1975, He was a wrestler for Boise State and I was taking a nursing class, We met through Mutual friends in 1976. He got enough courage to ask me out and on Valentine’s Day. The day he asked me to marry him was the happiest day of my life! We got married on his birthday on Sept. 23, 1977.  I told him he’d never forget our anniversary since it’s going to fall on his birthday!”

    Gloria and Tad Miller

    Gloria and Tad Miller, and family

    “Tad and I met during the summer of 2005. Tad was a (redshirt) junior playing Boise State football and majoring in Criminal Justice. I was a sophomore transfer from Univ. of Idaho, majoring in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. I knew zero about football and Tad patiently taught me all the rules and most importantly, why the offensive line was so vital ;)

    Thanks to Boise State University, we both received a great education, traveled to beautiful parts of the country, met wonderful life-long friends, and witnessed/played in the greatest football game ever, the 2007 Fiesta Bowl.

    We were married in 2008 and have three amazing daughters. All three are die-hard Bronco fans, rocking dad’s old game jerseys to the games. Tad is currently a K-9 officer with the local police department and I work at a local communication agency. Go Broncos!”

    Andrew and Mikayla Mitzel

    Andrew and Mikayla Mitzel

    “In 2007 Andrew and I first saw each other at a fraternity and sorority social, where his fraternity cooked my sorority Thanksgiving dinner. We never got an opportunity to speak because Andrew was in the kitchen most of the night cooking. We ended up having a Political Science class together the following semester and after a few classes, I finally convinced him to stop sitting with his fraternity brothers and join me near the front of the class. We hit it off and started spending all of our time together.

    From the start of our relationship, we were both very involved at Boise State. Both of us would end up serving as Presidents of our fraternity and sorority, Andrew would go on to serve as the Executive Director of ASBSU Student Government, I would become heavily involved in the Future Alumni Network.

    When Andrew proposed he arranged for us to go into the Stueckle Sky Center one night to overlook campus. He got down on one knee and said, ‘this campus is where we met, where we had our first kiss, where I fell in love with you, and I wanted us to have one more memory here, will you marry me?’

    At our wedding in 2011, we had nearly as many Boise State alumni, students, and faculty attending our wedding as we did family. I even surprised Andrew with a Boise State groom’s cake during the reception.

    After our wedding, Andrew and I both continued our education at Boise State earning our Master’s degrees in 2014 and 2018. We also stayed involved on campus by serving as alumni advisors to our fraternity and sorority.

    Now years later we are still avid Boise State supporters. I have spent the past 6 years working at Boise State in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center and during the fall you will always find us in the stands cheering on the Broncos at football games.

    This June Andrew and I are expecting our first child, a baby girl, and it just so happens our first purchase was Boise State baby socks. We can’t wait to welcome our first child and future Boise State Bronco to the world!”

    Asa and Christine Nims

    Asa and Christine Nims

    “Asa and I met at a Halloween dorm dance in 1990. We hit it off right away talking into the night about coming from rural Eastern and Northern Idaho to the big city to get our education. Asa was a pole vaulter for Boise State and I found him to be extra handsome when he had his letterman’s jacket on! We married in July of 1994 and love going to the Boise State football and basketball games!”

    Claire Oberg and Jackson Blackwell

    Claire Oberg & Jackson Blackwell

    “Jackson and I met during our sophomore year of undergrad through the Honors College. We met at the summer Peer Mentor training (found out we had the same coffee order) and were both officers for the Honors Student Association. During our sophomore-senior years of undergrad, he studied abroad, in Washington D.C., and I student taught in the Boise School District. We graduated together in the spring of 2021 and I’m moving to AK this summer to start my second year teaching. Huge thank you to the Honors College for crossing our paths!”

    Tom and Nicole Otte

    Tom, Nicole, and William Otte

    “Tom and I first met during the summer of 2007 while working for Boise State Housing. We didn’t become close friends that year, but spent some time together during group activities and developed many mutual friends. The following summer, Tom graduated and moved away to Seattle. Shortly after he moved, we started talking more on our own and became good friends. Tom came back to visit Boise during December 2008 for his graduation ceremony, and we decided during that trip to start dating. He moved back to Boise about a year later, and the rest is history!

    We were married in 2015 and moved to Portland. In 2018, we came back to Boise to be closer to family, and we brought with us one new resident – our sweet little baby boy, William. We’ve loved being back in the area so much and can’t wait to continue participating in Boise State events as a family for many years to come.”

    Martin Reid and Kim (Satterwhite) Reid

    Martin Reid and Kim (Satterwhite) Reid

    “Marty and I met at the Recreation Center in 1984 where we both worked while attending BSU. We were also members of Boise State’s bowling club, and our teams would often travel together to out-of-town tournaments. We became good friends. At one point in 1987, I was sharing an apartment with another Boise State student and we needed a third person to help meet monthly expenses. Marty was looking to move out of his parent’s basement, so he moved in. After several months we began to date, and have been together since. We married on June 30, 1989, and will celebrate our 32nd wedding anniversary this year. We have two sons, Brad and Brett. We are proud to say that we are lifetime alumni, and all four of us graduated from Boise State. Go Broncos!!”

    Jenelle and Ryan Richard

    Jenelle Richard, Ryan Richard, Addison Richard, Jayel Richard, and Zuri Richard

    “I was an RA in the dorms (Suites) in spring of 2009 when Ryan moved in. I went to his room to introduce myself and let him know I was there if he needed anything. He wasn’t home so I asked his roommate to have him come by my room when he got home. There was a knock on my door later that night and I was shocked to see that not only did he actually come by, but he was so handsome! That semester we would say hi to each other in passing but that was it. At the end of the semester, we realized that we would both be living on campus over the summer. Ryan mentioned that we should hang out but I thought he was just being nice because I was the RA. A few weeks later he called me and we started to hang out. We became best friends that summer! We would cook food in the Keiser kitchen, take walks around the green belt, and watch movies in the Chaffee lounge. December of 2009 Ryan graduated and moved to Portland. We stayed friends and when Ryan returned to Boise in the spring of 2012, we started dating. Fall of 2013 we got married and here we are seven years and three beautiful girls later! We still live in the Treasure Valley and have a very special place in our hearts for Boise State!

    Hunter Robertson and Hannah Fitzpatrick

    Hunter Robertson and Hannah Fitzpatrick

    “We met during both of our freshman year at Boise State! We had Math 108 in the first semester of freshman year and we were placed in the same group together in class. We would see each other throughout COBE over the years. During our junior year, we were both on the Dance Marathon team at Boise State! We volunteered long hours together to plan the Dance Marathon event to benefit St. Luke’s Children’s Hospital! In our senior year of college, we were both elected to leadership positions in the Dance Marathon organization where we spent a lot more time together. Our friendship grew strong over our four years at Boise State University and we did not start dating until after we both graduated in May 2019. We both found jobs in Boise after graduation and started living our adult lives! Fast forward to October 2020, we got ENGAGED! Our wedding is set for June 2021 in Washington. We are so excited!”

    Krysia Rousseau and Dan Jefferson

    Krysia Rousseau and Dan Jefferson

    “My husband, Dan Jefferson, and I met our sophomore year of college in the fall of 2011. We were in the same step aerobics class that was nearly all female except for two males. You may be thinking the only reason those guys took that class was to meet girls, and you wouldn’t be wrong. I noticed Dan immediately, not because he was one of the two guys, but because of his awesome knee brace tan lines! Seriously, ask my best friend Lauren how many times I pointed out his tan lines to her. Anyways, it took me a couple of weeks to work up the courage to speak to him. Was I starstruck? Maybe. One day I was running late, as per my usual. That day, our workout ended up being on the greenbelt instead of the kinesiology building. I didn’t have a bag or anything to put my stuff in, and I had my hands full. When I caught up to the class, Dan was standing in the back of the group with a nice looking backpack that definitely had the potential to house my things for the class period. Without thinking twice, and knowing this was my moment to finally talk to him, I walked right up and asked if I could put my stuff on his backpack instead of in the dirt/rocks under the Park Center bridge. I’ll never forget that first smile he gave me and that little chuckle as he looked at all the stuff in my hands. We talked and joked for the remainder of class and walked back to the kines gym together after the work out. After class we went our separate ways, but I wanted to keep talking to him. I didn’t catch his last name, and of course, his first name is pretty popular, making it hard to find him on Facebook. I tracked him down eventually, maybe I used our class email roster, maybe I didn’t… okay I did but I’d say it worked out nicely for us considering our wedding was this past summer! Now, Dan’s version is a little different. He swears up and down that he picked me out on the first day of class (yeah right), but either way, we have loved and laughed together ever since that fateful day, ten years ago.”

    Jessica and Daniel Oliver

    Daniel and Jessica“I was an RA in Keiser Hall in 2006, where my now-husband was a resident. During late night rounds one Saturday night, I met Dan and he had heard I like tennis so asked me to play sometime. Within a couple of days, we met on Appleton tennis courts to hit. By the time we’d finished playing, Tablerock Cafe had closed so we headed to local favorite, Romio’s for calzones. The rest they say is history! We are still avid Bronco fans and cheer them on whenever we can!”

    Emily Oquist and Phillip Bruce

    Emily Oquist and Phillip

    “Phil and I met during the spring semester of 2020 in a communications class. We sat next to each other the first day and hit it off as friends! Then, March 2020 rolled around, forcing us to go our separate ways, me back to Nampa, and him back to San Diego. I didn’t think too much of it as we were just friends at the time, but he reached back out to me later that year inviting me to his discord server he created for all his friends to stay connected during lockdown. I joined, and we were both on just about every day playing video games together. We eventually both shared our feelings for each other and started off long distance, until the fall semester of 2021, when we finally got to be together in person. In celebrating his contributions to the Blue Thunder Marching Band, I became a huge fan and known to the marching band as ‘that girl with the sign’. We’ve been together coming up on 3 years now and I couldn’t be more thankful for that communications class.”

    Nicole and Michael Schuette

    Nicole and Michael Schuette and family

    “Michael and I met at the first home football game of the 1994 season. We were both freshmen, and we were introduced by my sister (also an alum). We became good friends and later, fell in love while attending Boise State. We were married in December of 1998. We are now the proud parents of two current Boise State students.”

    Brandon Sams and Brooklyn Sciborski

    Brandon Sams and Brooklyn Sciborski

    “I met my fiancé through a Boise State Honors Statistics class when we were put in the same group. Once the semester was over we went to The Griddle for our first date and the rest is history! It’s been 4 years and we’re getting married this spring :)”

    Jacob and Elisa Skousen

    Jacob Skousen Elisa Skousen

    “Jacob and I met at Boise State in 2001!

    We were both earning degrees in Bilingual Education, so we had almost every undergraduate class together from 2001 until our graduation in 2002 when we went on to teach with different school districts.

    We rekindled our friendship, then started dating in early 2003 and together returned to Boise State in Fall of 2003 to work on a Master of Arts in Education, finishing in 2005.

    We married in November of 2006, during the first semester of our Master of Education program in Educational Leadership, at, where else—Boise State! After graduation in 2008 (and having two daughters in the two years of school), we enjoyed life with children at a slower pace, attending many BSU games and functions.

    Jacob returned to Boise State for one final time a few years later, earning a Doctor of Education degree from Boise State in 2015, affectionally known to his four daughters as “Doctor Daddy.”

    After spending a combined 17 years in classes, 2 undergraduate degrees and 5 graduate degrees, it’s safe to say Boise State will forever hold a special place in our hearts.

    We now live out of state, raising one son and four daughters, Jacob, a professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, and I as a Project Facilitator for our school district. We venture to Boise a few times per year and make the drive over to the University to see the changes, take pictures and reminisce with our children. Thanks for the memories!”

    Hannibal Smith and Jamie Hess Smith


    “Hannibal and I met at Boise State in 2008!! We had two classes together, but Hannibal was too shy to ask me out. ;-) Fast forward a year, and he mustered up the courage! We’ve been together ever since, growing our minds and our love, and catching as much Boise State football as possible! Together we earned our bachelor’s and master’s degrees at Boise State, married in 2013, and now, 12 years later we have two mini Boise State fans (four-year-old Harper and two-year-old Henley) and a bulldog (eight-year-old Eleanor)! College was an integral part of our relationship hosting many of our best memories! Lots of love for each other and lots of love for Boise State!”

    Bryan Vlok & Emily Murkle

    Bryan Vlok & Emily Murkle

    “Bryan and I met when his fraternity and my sorority were celebrating his birthday in 2012 on Halloween night. Throughout the years we grew from acquaintances within our groups of friends, to coworkers working in the Student Involvement and Leadership Center, Bryan as ASBSU President, to great friends creating memories at Boise State including a Fiesta Bowl trip, Dance Marathon and Relay for Life.

    After college, we continued to stay in touch after Bryan moved for work. We planned visits between Seattle and Boise, and even an international trip to Europe. Three days before we left for Europe, I moved to Seattle, making long-distance a thing of the past.

    Four years later in January of 2022 on a ‘girls trip’ to Boise. Bryan surprised me and brought our family and friends to Boise State and proposed in front of the ‘B’, where it all started just over nine years ago.”

    Garrett Wessel and Whitney Janicki

    Garrett Wessel and Whitney Janicki

    “In 2018, at the Alumni and Friends Center, Garrett and I both had work study together. We worked at separate desks, on the same floor, as we worked alongside other work-study students and alumni employees. Garrett and I would casually talk and work together during Bronco bashes and then one day in November sometime after his birthday we started talking more and made plans to hang out outside of work-study. Garrett picked me up from the townhomes on campus and we went ice skating together. Since this was our ” first date” we split the cost of ice skating and ice skates. The night continued with spending more time laughing and getting to know each other over a couple of drinks at some local bars on Broadway. After that, we continued to build our friendship and during Christmas break, we kept in contact. After 2 weeks or so on Christmas Break, we both came back unplanned a few days before the new Semester began Garrett picked me up from the airport and we spent the rest of the day and evening together, watching movies until early the next morning. We continued building our bond by hanging out together, texting, and seeing each other at work study. We began sitting next to each other at the Alumni and Friends Center, which brought us closer. Eventually made plans one weekend to hang out with his friends and go to Downtown Boise and bar hop and dance. Toward the end of the night, we both were dancing together and kissed. We held hands downtown the rest of the night. About 2.5 months after Christmas, we became official on Feb. 16, 2019.”

    Sean and Kim Wilcox

    Sean and Kim Wilcox

    “Sean and I met in a biology lab in Fall semester 2011. We sat next to each other that first day of class and then I dropped the class. We kept running into each other on campus and decided to start dating seriously in February of 2012. We have been married since Sept 2012. I graduated in 2016 and now work at Boise State. We always look back with fondness the first day we met.”

    Jared and Trina Wood


    “I met my life-mate on August 20, 1992. He was the very first student I talked to while moving into the Towers dorm. He held the elevator door for me. We both ended up living on the 5th floor, and we became fast friends. On August 20, 2020, we celebrated our 25th anniversary. We have two boys, and our oldest is in his final year at Boise State, with a double major in Linguistics and Spanish. He’s an Alumni Scholarship recipient and an Honors College student. Our youngest also plans to attend Boise State in the fall of 2022. Boise State University is truly our Love Story.”