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Volunteer Confidentiality

Thank you very much for supporting the mission of the Boise State University Alumni Association. We value your participation. As part of your volunteer efforts, you may have access to privileged confidential information. The information provided to you is the property of the Boise State University or the Alumni Association, and we are required to protect its confidentiality and the privacy of personal information the database may contain. The Alumni Association is not authorized to give, sell, or provide access to lists of individuals, or personal information for any non-university purposes. The release and control of this information is governed by state and federal laws including the Idaho Public Records Act, Federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA), the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and other regulations.

Confidentiality Form

To ensure that this information is appropriately used, with your signature on the following form, you stipulate that you have read this Confidentiality Form and that you will only utilize any information or resources in accordance herewith and all regulations governing the disclosure and usage of this information. You will keep the information you receive confidentially, and return or destroy any copies of the data and all derivatives as soon as the authorized purpose has been served. 

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