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Video Transcript – MACU: Supporting Alumni and Students


Video Transcript

[Tea Draganovic, alumni scholarship recipient]: My name is Tea Draganovic, I am a biology major with a human emphasis and I’m a senior here at Boise State this year. I am on the Alumni Legacy Scholarship, which has had a tremendous impact on my life and my family’s life. It has helped me completely pay for my tuition. My family is actually originally from Bosnia, but I did grow up in Boise and I will be the first person in my immediate family to graduate with my bachelor’s this year. We’re super excited for that.

[Rick Stacey, Executive Committee, Alumni Association]: The Boise State Alumni Association is very proud to have partnered with Mountain American Credit Union to provide our credit card program. And one of the great benefits of the program is that a percentage of every one of the purchases that’s made with the credit card is going to go back to the Boise State Alumni Association to help fund student scholarships.