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Athletic Leadership Spotlight: Jocelyn Perry (’15)

Jocelyn Perry portraitCommunications Fellow
PAC-12 Conference
San Francisco, CA

“Among the mountains of lessons and skills I learned in the Master of Athletic Leadership Program, what I cherish and will continue to cherish throughout my career is how the program helped me find and develop my own leadership style,” said Jocelyn Perry (’15). “From the first class with Dr. Shinn on helping you develop your values and how you execute those values to Professor Johnson sculpting your mind philosophically through presenting your final portfolio, the MAL program supplied me the tools to create my own success upon graduation. The complete MAL process showed me how to think about my own thinking–I challenged my own perception of a leader to break down and rebuild my view of leadership.”

Perry began her career in athletics as a student assistant in the Athletic Communication office at the University of Washington. She then headed to The Blue where she served as a graduate student in the Master of Athletic Leadership Program while working full-time in the Boise State Sports Information Department. After graduating from Boise State, she accepted a position at the Pac-12 Conference where she now handles public relations and sports information for the league as a Communications Fellow.