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Diaspora Eguna Mintzagai

Basque Diaspora
Eguna Conversation

Euskal Ikasketak Mintzagai is intended to generate conversation and inspire innovative collaboration in Basque Studies.

2nd Annual Virtual Global Conference

Euskal Diaspora - Welcome to Our Website!

NOIZ/when: Thursday Sept. 8, 2022 “Day of the Basque Diaspora
8:00 Boise (MST) / 11:00 Buenos Aires / 16:00 Euskadi


NOLA/how:  Thanks to all our participants below
up to 5 minute presentation, followed by up to 5 minute question and answer
Presenter can speak in any language, but please provide a Powerpoint with English subtitles of main points for audience to follow. Presenter will be given access to project their own Powerpoint.

ZER/what: Schedule below

Collage of participants on zoomSchedule

  • Welcome: John Bieter, Boise State Basque Studies
  • Student presentation: Eneko Tuduri, Basque Studies University of Nevada, Reno.  “History of the Economy, Society, Power and Culture of the Middle Ages”
  • Student presentation: Alvaro Ariza, Basque Studies University of Nevada, Reno.  “The Development and Survival of local identities”
  • Student presentation: Marina Hansen, University of the Basque Country.“Basques and Danes in the South of Buenos Aires Province (Argentina, 1880-1930): Immigrant languages and conflicting dynamics”
  • Institution presentation: Ziortza Gandarias Beldarrain, Boise State Basque Studies
    “Charting a New Horizon in Basque Studies at Boise State University”
  • Institution presentation: Nikki Gorrell, College of Western Idaho. “Basque Heritage and Contemporary People”
  • Institution presentation: Izaskun Kortazar, Valencia Hizkuntza Eskola.  “Euskara in the Basque Diaspora of Spain”
  • Institution presentation: Nere Lete & Patxi Juaristi, Boise State University & Basque Global Training.  “Basque Learning Platform”
  • Institution presentation: Monika Madinabeitia, HIHEZI Mondragon University.  “Euskal Herria 101/301”
  • Institution presentation: Mariann Vaczi, Douglass Center for Basque Studies, University of Nevada, Reno.  “Basque Studies Today”
  • Institution presentation: Julieta Gaztañaga (University of Buenos Aires and CONICET) and Aitor Anduaga (Ikerbasque, EHU/UPV): International Workshops on Basque Studies. Diaspora in collaboration
  • Conclusion
Euskal Diasporaren Eguna Irailak 8 Sept





Open 2021 Diaspora Eguna Archive (Google Docs)