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Basque Global Collaborative


John Bieter, director
John Ysursa
Argia Beristain
Meggan Laxalt


BOGA Basque Studies Consortium Journal. Academic peer-reviewed online publication.

Experience – connections – vision.

Today’s fast-paced, global world requires collaboration and innovation. We have the experience, connections, and vision to meet 21st-century needs: on campus, in communities, and in other countries. We have a strong record of community engagement and cultural diversity, which has placed the City of Boise and Boise State University, at the forefront of international recognition. As the Basque Country’s Lehendakari (President) Iñigo Urkullu Renteria noted in 2015, Boise is in a unique position of global leadership today:

“Jaialdi has become the main Basque festival in the United States since it was celebrated in 1987 in Boise…What was first organized as a Basque-American festival has now evolved into an international event, to which thousands of visitors are attracted, not only from the United States, but from many other countries in the whole Basque diaspora. Only Boise could organize such a terrific event.  The tradition of the ‘Auzolan,’ [communal work] which was the basis of the cooperative being of the Basque farmers and has spotted our cooperative industry, making us unique in the world, can be see portrayed now in the organization and celebration of Basque culture in Boise. That is the key for the preservation of our identity.”

The Basque Global Collaborative.

We can strengthen global connections from campus as an institutional hub from which shared vision and collaboration will result in a collective commitment to grow a global sustainable future. This collaborative will work with others, leveraging diverse strengths and interdisciplinary approaches. Through collaborative efforts, we will use applied research to develop innovative solutions to issues facing four primary areas:

  • Academic Programs
    • Civic Engagement
    • Economic Development
    • Cultural Preservation

Academic Program   +   Civic Engagement   +   Economic Development   +   Cultural Preservation