Beyond the Major

Boise State University is committed to offering students organized experiences outside of the classroom so they can engage in deep, rich, and workplace-connected activities beyond those required for a degree. More than that, the Beyond the Major effort strives to help students develop a thread that connects their individual experiences into their own unique story – a story that not only aids in their self-identification as an emerging professional, but shows employers the value that their college education brings beyond the list of courses that goes with a specific degree.

Why Now?

The value of the college degree used to speak for itself. Now students have to speak to, and provide evidence for, the value of their degree in an increasingly competitive job market. 

At Boise State, students select from a wide range of majors, minors, certificates, and experiential learning opportunities. Beyond the Major represents a university-wide commitment to helping students understand and articulate the value of their experiences. With increased support in translating their skills for audiences beyond the university, students graduate from Boise State with story to tell.


Career Pathways

Some majors map directly onto career paths. Other majors invite students to create the path.

When students are able to identify and translate the skills of their major, they can connect their experiences to a wide range of career opportunities.

Interested in the paths that recent graduates have taken? Use the career pathways tool to trace the connections from major to career.

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Beyond the Transcript

Bronco Journeys

How do Broncos find their paths?

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A Beyond the Major Initiative for Storytelling Across the Curriculum

Storyboard is a 2-year learning and leadership community in which faculty collaborate to integrate meaningful reflective and narrative practices into a range of courses and experiences.

During the first year, this community will research reflection and narrative theories/practices across disciplines with the goal of creating an archive of scholarship and strategies. In the second year, the community will apply the theories to innovative pedagogical practices that can be implemented across campus.

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Student Leadership

We know each student brings a different story, and each job opportunity is unique. Student Leaders at Boise State offer help with developing reflective practices and communication skills to prepare for the job search. 

Stay tuned for more information about our student leadership programs.