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Video Transcript – Beyond the Major

Video Transcript

As students at Boise State, you take a range of classes that require research, teamwork, communication, and focus. Some of you join student organizations and participate in on-campus activities. Others engage in community service and outreach. You are all conducting and performing research whether it is in a lab, on the stage, or out in the field.

Regardless of how you are contributing, all of you are contributing to our campus community and gaining a valuable range of skills with each experience.

Beyond the major begins by recognizing what you are already doing and connecting your experiences to your future goals. It’s about realizing your job is never just a job, your classes are never just classes, and your club is never just a club.

Going beyond the major means that you are paying attention to three main questions in your time at Boise State: What do I care about and why? What opportunities can I explore to discover my passion? And how do I tell my story beyond Boise State? When you go beyond the major, you are actively working to find your path and purpose. You’re visualizing your campus and community as a landscape of interconnected opportunities, and you are shaping your story each step of the way.