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Research Scientists

In the lab

Anjolene HuntAnjolene Hunt, M.S.. Anjolene is the research project manager for a range-wide, full annual cycle study of American Kestrels.
email: anjolenehunt at
Caitlin Davis, M.S.. Caitlin is the research project manager for the Golden Eagle research and monitoring team. email: caitlindavis at
Stephanie Galla, Ph.D.. Stephanie is interested in interdisciplinary conservation efforts for species in decline, and in particular, how genomic technologies can inform management decisions. She is a postdoctoral research scientist at Boise State University with GEM3 in the labs of Dr. Sven Buerki and Dr. Julie Heath. Using a combination of genomic technologies and agent-based models, we aim to investigate the genetic underpinnings of adaptive capacity to climate change in sagebrush (Artemesia tridentata) and American Kestrels (Falco sparverius) and forecast how these species may respond to a changing world. email: stephaniegalla at
Stephanie's webpage.


Breanna (Bre) Powers, Ph.D.. Postdoctoral researcher on the Full Cycle Phenology project. Current Position: Postdoc at the University of Wyoming
Casey Pozzanghera, M.S.. Research Associate to coordinate golden eagle monitoring and research in southern Idaho. Partner with the USFWS's Western Golden Eagle Team
Current Position: Regional wildlife biologist, Idaho Fish and Game. email: casey.pozzanghera AT
Robert (Rob) SpaulRobert (Rob) Spaul, M.S.. Research Associate with USFWS's Western Golden Eagle Team. Current position: Credit Valley Conservation. email: spaul.robert AT
Ben Pauli, Ph.D.Ben Pauli, Ph.D ., Post-doctoral researcher and visiting assistant professor from 2014-2016
Current Position: Assistant Professor at St. Mary's University of Minnesota. email: bpauli AT