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Contact Information for Faculty
Name/WebsiteTitleResearch InterestsOffice PhoneE-Mail
Allan AlbigAssociate ProfessorMolecular and cell biology, extracellular matrix, matricellular proteins and
Jesse BarberAssociate ProfessorSensory ecology, animal behavior and conservation
James R. BelthoffProfessorBehavioral ecology, animal behavior, and avian
Leonora BittlestonAssistant ProfessorMetagenomics, plant-microbe interactions, community
Sven Buerki Assistant ProfessorGenomics, evolutionary plant biology,
Trevor Caughlin Assistant ProfessorSeed dispersal, ecological restoration and landowner
Jen CruzAssistant ProfessorPopulation
Sarah Dalrymple Assistant Clinical ProfessorBehavioral Ecology,
Marie-Anne de GraaffProfessor, Graduate Program CoordinatorPlant/Soil interactions in terrestrial
Kevin P. FerisProfessor
Department Chair
Microbial community ecology; bioremediation
Jennifer ForbeyProfessorPhysiological, chemical and pharmacological
Greg HampikianProfessor, Director, Idaho Innocence ProjectCOVID-19, HIV, Wastewater Genetics, Forensic DNA, Cancer,
Eric HaydenAssistant ProfessorRNA evolution, Molecules for use in biomedical and biotechnical
Julie A. HeathProfessorAvian Biology and Conservation
Cheryl L. JorcykProfessorMolecular mechanisms of cancer
Peter KoetsierProfessorAquatic ecology; emphasis in lotic macroinvertebrate community structure and
Emily MeredithAssistant Clinical ProfessorCell Biology, Genetics,
Brad MorrisonAssociate ProfessorNeuroinflammation, Parkinson's disease and protein
Stephen J. NovakProfessorPlant evolutionary biology; population biology and genetics; genetics of introduced species, specifically Bromus tectorum (cheatgrass)
Julia T. OxfordProfessor, Director, Biomolecular Research CenterFunction of extracellular matrix molecules in craniofacial and skeletal development; cartilage regeneration and repair; eye development and
Ian RobertsonProfessorInsect Behavior and Ecology; Plant-insect interactions, including pollination and seed
Troy T. RohnProfessorCellular mechanisms of programmed cell death as it relates to Alzheimer’s
Marcelo SerpeProfessorRegulation of plant growth by environmental
Allison Simler-WilliamsonAssistant
James F. SmithProfessor, Director of the Snake River Plains Herbarium, and EEB PhD Graduate Program CoordinatorPlant molecular systematics, integration of molecular and morphological data in cladistic analyses, systematics of the Gesneriaceae,
Juliette TinkerAssociate ProfessorPathogenic microbiology, development of
Denise WingettProfessor, Director, Biomolecular Sciences Ph.D. ProgramImmunology and inflammatory disease; nanomaterials and biological response; new drug
Merlin WhiteProfessorMycology, molecular systematics of basal fungi, biodiversity and taxonomy of “gut fungi” (traditionally, the Class Trichomycetes, especially the order Harpellales), symbioses and particularly arthropod-associated
Amy UlappaAssistant Clinical ProfessorAnimal Physiology, Comparative Anatomy, Animal Nutrition, General Biology III Ecology and