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Feris Lab

Microbial Ecology encompasses traditional laboratory microbiology, field-based microbial ecology, and molecular microbiology where the metabolic capabilities of individual strains and species are studied and their metabolic potential exploited for biotechnological, biomedical, and industrial processes. The microbial ecological investigations performed in our lab strive for an improved understanding of the role microorganisms play in a variety of systems. Our ultimate goals for these investigations include development of advanced microbial-based biotechnological applications. 

Current projects in the lab are investigating microorganism-based alternative energy generating technologies, improved methods for enhancing the natural attenuation of environmental contaminants, developing tools for assessing the long and short term impacts of anthropogenic pollutants on natural ecosystems, and design of new nanopariticle-based antimicrobials for use in both industrial and biomedical applications. If you are interested in these topics we are always looking for motivated additions to our research team.

Now accepting MS students. So if you are interested in these research areas give me a call, 208-426-5498 or drop me an email,

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