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Rosey Whiting, Andy Bogard, & Dr. Daniel Fologea Tackle the Conductance of Lipid Membranes

Rosey Whiting (Ph.D. Student), Andy Bogard (Ph.D. Graduate), and Dr. Daniel Fologea (BMOL Faculty) published in the journal Membranes last month. The paper, “Experimental Investigations on the Conductance of Lipid Membranes under Differential Hydrostatic Pressure,” focused on the unassisted transport of inorganic ions through lipid membranes. More specifically, the Fologea Lab used a set of electrophysiology experiments which “indicate a strong correlation between the changes in membrane geometry elicited by the application of pressure, as inferred from capacitance measurements, and the resulting conductance.” Their experiments “also confirmed the well-established influence of cholesterol addition to lipid membranes in adjusting their mechanical properties and overall permeability.”