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Daniel Stoddard

International Business Major

Internship Location: Nexcom – Taipei, Taiwan

The final month in Taiwan was quite different from the first. I found living in Taipei to be enjoyable. There were so many things to do, and many that we didn’t have time to experience. Being at Nexcom was a fun and interesting experience. I worked in an area that I didn’t know too much about. It was great to learn about marketing and gain a new perspective of it. It was also very interesting to learn a lot about their products, the market, and assisting in making sales kits for a couple different products. Nexcom is a leader in many ways so it was an incredible opportunity to be a part of their work. I met a lot of great people who helped me learn a lot. One mentor I had showed me what opportunities are around for both my field and the area I worked in at Nexcom and throughout the market. It was eye opening and a great source to help see more possibilities for my future. Overall my actual time at Nexcom and in Taipei was enjoyable and I learned a lot. 

My time with Asia Biztech was incredible. I am glad I had the opportunity to go abroad!