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Melisa Hancock

Civil Engineering Major

Internship Location: Nexcom – Taipei, Taiwan

Over the course of five weeks at Nexcom in their AIoT Solutions department, I learned a lot about their products, applications of their products, and working in an international business environment. It definitely was a struggle at first working in a department that was not directly related to my major, Civil Engineering; however, I found ways to link the work I was assigned to topics I was more familiar with. I spent five weeks researching Nexcom’s products in the AIoT department and then writing articles on the products. In an attempt to relate it back to Civil Engineering, I wrote about how the products could be utilized at engineering firms and how the companies could benefit from them. In my down time at work, I worked on a potential addition of sustainability into one of their products. 

It was truly an amazing experience working in a different work culture than I have been used to. I learned a lot from my supervisor and hopefully they end up using some of the work I completed while I was there. Below is a picture of my supervisor, Tina and I on my last day:

Student posing with her supervisor