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Robert Butterfield

Accounting Major

Internship Location: Nexcobot, Nexcom – Taipei, Taiwan

During my time at Nexcom I worked with the Smart Retail team under their subsidiary NexCOBOT. In highschool I completed an internship, and seeing how my first internship differed from this one was an interesting experience. I had very few expectations as to what to expect. Without a doubt, my supervisor Nelson Chang and the other members of the NexCOBOT team were essential in providing me the opportunity to work and learn in a different environment. While working with the Smart Retail team I worked on a variety of projects. These projects consisted of market research on whether the United States was a viable market for smart retail, reviewing whether a group of companies from Thailand could be beneficial partners, video presentation and script writing for an overview on NexCOBOT’s smart retail, and researching the future and trend for smart retail. Working in a large such as Taipei also had an impact on my mindset. Before this I was unsure if I would want to live in a large city, and my experience has shown me that I probably would not. Without a doubt, this experience has been incredible insightful into what working in another country and a large city entails. Which is part of the reason I am appreciative of both those who helped me in Taiwan and the Asia Biztech program.